How To: Wire Your Bike (Kick Start)

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I have a light green/red wire coming from my stator, what is it?
Neutral indicator switch, which is actually located above the drive sprocket
Having issues with a Chinese Z50 copy. It runs a 12V system. Now it will not charge the battery. I have a brand new Lifan 70cc motor and new regulator. I have checked that the motor is well grounded to the frame and the regulator should be connected correctly.

I am getting 10-12VAC at idle from the yellow and white cables coming from the stator. At higher revs the output is +50VAC. Is there something else I need to check for to make sure that the stator is functioning correctly?

I have the same VAC coming out at the connector going in to the regulator. The regulator is connected to ground at the frame and also connected to the green wire coming from the stator. However, regulator output is only 5-7VDC. I have tried several regulators and the result is the same with all of them. How can I check that my regulator is not broken?

What else can I check to find the issue? I am running out of ideas. Very thankful if there is someone here who could help.
So I have a 2022 xpro 125 pit bike I am lost on what to do. I have no spark and about 5 wires that are coming out of my stator. Blue/white/red/black and 2 yellow and a green. Help me plz
The blue/white, the red/black and the green should all plug into the bike wiring harness close together. The harness should also be plugged into the cdi. There should also be a black and green wire coming from cdi that goes to the coil. The 2 yellow wires would go to a rectifier but only if you have one. The rectifier would only be needed if you have a battery and lighting.

FWIW, I recently just rewired my son's SR70C after having issues. I just bought a kit that came with new main wiring harness, a new stator, new coil, new cdi, and a new stop switch. It was all plug and play. His bike runs perfectly now. I gave up on trying to figure out whether it was the stator, the cdi, or the coil was bad. I tried troubleshooting the coil and it was off a bit. Same with the stator and testing the cdi is a bit difficult if not impossible if you don't have the right equipment. It was cheap enough to just replace everything.

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