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as you can see from the pics the wiring is a bloody mess thanks to an unknown person who clearly had no idea

all the joins of the earth points, some with 10+ wires, are done at the factory that builds them, to china specs.
they are bad for having a lot of dodgy joins, if just 1 wire broke in the loom, it may cause problems in 4 or 5 different areas.....
just a thought can all of the yellow go to the only yellow and then that would leave just pink to go with the black wire on the schumatic or do the colours not always match what is on the diagram.
I do really appreciate the help ive had from you guys on here.
another thing too,
these posts should have been in the wiring your electric start pitbike thread too,
not the kickstart only thread, but maybe the mods will move the posts??
so the stator in the link will work on any four stroke bike including mine sorry to sound thick just wana get it right im not sure if i can stretch to the full monty right now but if the stator in the link is enough with a new cdi to get me going for now im prepared to go for it.Would this work i mean is this the same
heres a link with the info

Mate you are a legend
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oh ok i see but i dont want the electric start i just want it to be kickstart only
i realise you want to setup your bike as a kickstart only.
but because the motor came out as an electric start that is the style stator you need to buy.

the stator you posted the pic of above in post #145, is for a kickstart bike, it's the wrong one, and i think you realised that now going by your last post.

you need a stator that looks basically the same and mounts the same as yours now, but with different colour wiring.
it wont matter if it only has 11 coils, or 6 coils or even 4 coils.....
it will need a black w/red stripe, a blue with a white, and a green wire coming off the stator as a minimum if you dont want to run a battery or headlights.
if you need the battery/lights, it will need a yellow and a white coming off the stator, as well as the other 3 wires mentioned in the sentence above this one.
so it can have a black w/red stripe, blue w/white stripe, green, yellow and white wires coming off it, 5 wires all up.

the stator in your pictures above, post #136, pictures 4, 5, and 6 etc,
you need to measure the bolt spacing where it mounts to the flywheel cover.
and measure the OD of the coils too, or the ID of the Flywheel
then check with the ebay seller, that yours has the same bolt pattern and also check the OD of the coils,
just to see that it is all the same, and that your flywheel will fit over it.

this one looks very close?

there are a couple of CDI's that look very close too, make sure you get the correct one, the same as yours.

this one has square-ish plugs and no rubber seals,

this one has rounded off plugs and rubber seals, i think this looks like yours?
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are you in the UK or US?
if in UK then here are a couple of links to the UK seller on ebay.

cdi with square-ish plugs and no seals

cdi with rounded plugs and rubber seals,

and the stator,

remember to check the specs with the seller before you buy,
eg- the mounting holes and the coil O/D so you know it will fit inside your Flywheel
i think the stator in post 144 look ok the yellow dont need to wory as these are for lights i think then that would leave gr/white = earth then bl/red wire to the cdi and the same with the blu/white. What do you think please let me know
also what do you mean by coil OD
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the stators with the 3 yellow wires are a different type though, A/C 3 phase, they will need a different cdi to whats on your bike, probably a different loom too to suit the other type of cdi

this one will work with the cdi you have now, if the bolt pattern is correct and the diameter is the same, you wont need to run the yellow or the orange wires.
If the bolt pattern was differant could i make new holes without it affecting the stator
Thanks for putting up such a nice post, it is going to be really helpful. Especially the graphic part, and the images that are going to be helpful in understanding to those who are not technically sound.
no problems Mike,
i've seen you on this forum a bit, do you have a pitbike at the moment?
you should start up a new thread on it, lots of pics, details etc

cheers, craig
"This man knows his stuff"
no problems Mike,
i've seen you on this forum a bit, do you have a pitbike at the moment?
you should start up a new thread on it, lots of pics, details etc

cheers, craig
I have a 90cc 2 stroke 4 wheeler it's a yerf dog manufacturer by monsoon it's a 23000 model I think need to know how to wire the CDI box and the stator up yo get spark just got a new coil flywheel and CDI box for it it had 5 wired from the stator and CDI box need help with wiring it up thanks
I'm going from a 125cc kickstart and electric start to 140cc kickstart only and I can't find a wiring diagrams for it the ones I do find the colors are off or it will have a ,7 pin something or another that I don't have and it is confusing the crap out of me,that and it has a 'inner stator's what's up with that?
Thank you. I no for sure green connector on coil grnd now. Needed to know.
my dirt bike has a electric start and kickstart kill switch key switch and the wiring is gone i have nothing to go by can anyone help me with this
Great post. Can you explain a Chinese pit bike wiring. My keyed switch came apart and being frustrated with it I cut it off. Is there a way to bypass it all together?
70cc monsterMoto

It is Kick only, magneto timing, handlebar kill Switch, keyed engine kill switch.

Think my wire colors are:
Yellow, blue, red, green,black(white)