How To: Wire Your Bike (Kick Start)

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ok, im not sure how you copied and pasted it, but the pics dont show up.
but here they are anyway, i found them.



i havent seen that coloured wiring before.
but i see there is an extra wire there too, it is a single wire in an insulated tube, and has a blue insulated terminal on the end of it. is that wire a green with a red stripe?
^ this is connected to a terminal with a red insulated cover on it, is this joined to anything? pictured below


i think the bike is setup to only start in neutral,
can you see where that red terminal has come off in the wiring loom above, underr the tank somewhere?
if so, put another terminal onto that wire, pull the red one out of the blue terminal down below, and plug the newly fitted terminal from the wiring loom into the blue one.

now plug the yellows into the other plug, and try kicking it over.
let me know how you go
if you still dont get anything,
have a look down the insulation tube that has the blue w/white wire and the green,
i think you may find another wire cut/broken off down the tube a bit, it will be black w/red stripe.

post up your results anyway.....
im not familiar with the skyteam motors,
but im guessing you have swapped your original horizontal motor for a vertical motor?

did your old motor have a magneto/stator running the yellow wires coming out of it?

if not, you will need some pics of the donor bikes' wiring loom, so we cay try and work out what you need to do next.
eg pics of where the stator wiring pugged into in the donor motors original loom, and pics of the cdi and related wiring too.

and possibly some pics of the bike you have fitted the motor into, and the cdi wiring etc too
So it is a vertical motor, I'll have a look at work now.
Hi it wasn,t a vertical engine they are both exactley the same engine fmi 156 like for like except for the wiring obviously,the single wire was not connected to any thing i dint know it was there until i took the case of the red conector on the end is a blanking plug ie:dosn't have any where to put a wire just a red flap inside a conector the cdi has ther right coloure acording to the diagram on here black/yellow for the coli blue/white for stator red/black for stator white/black for kill switch and 2 x green i will try and load some pics up again today
How did you upload these pics because im obviously struggling with this im goig to put some more onto photo bucket of inside the stator and of the wiring loom
Thanks guys
stupid i know but i cant remember what colour the wires were on the old engine and i dont have it anymore:confused-smiley-014
get into your photobucket account, click on the picture you want to post.
it will bring it up as a big picture.
on the right hand side of the page there will be a box with IMG code alongside it.
click on it at it will say copied (highlighted in yellow)

then come back here to the quick reply box,
right click in it and then click on paste, it will paste the photobucket pictures' link code into the reply box.
when you press post quick reply at the bottom, the new post will bring up the picture.
i just looked at your 5x new pics,

that green wire w/red stripe, is the wire for only start in neutral bikes.
it may have been disconnected in the bike the motor was pulled from.

do you have the cdi from the bike that you got the donor motor from?
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you need to take a picture of the wires that connect to the stator now, is there just 3 yellows, a green, and a blue?
nothing else?
there will be 5 or 6 wires coming down off the loom to where the old stator wiring connected, they will be possibly ending at a 5 pin plug, or a 4 pin plug and a 2 pin plug.
get a pic of them too

I hope this link works and if not can someone help me with uploading stuff from photobucket
Hi my67xr thats all the wires 3x yellow blue/whie and green
[/IMG] i think i may have finaly worked this out thanks my67xr
as you can see from the pics the wiring is a bloody mess thanks to an unknown person who clearly had no idea
your new engine is running an 3 phase A/C power 45 watt stator ,
as far as i know, this type needs to run a battery to put 12v power to the ignition.
here is a wiring diagram ,


there should be a regulator/rectifier somewhere on your bike, looks like this-


this shows the wiring for the cdi unit-


so hook up the 3 yellow wired plug to the regulator/rectifier,
and the blue wire to the ignition pulse trigger ,
the green wire to the earth point on the reg/rect,

and then you should get a spark when you kick it over
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i only have 1 yellow on my rectifier its the wire coming in from the top corner of the pic with the engine in it coming past the ignition it the wire with the 2 yellows that go to the bottom of the bike in total i have 4 wires coming out of the rectifier red,yellow,pink and green
this is the same as mine so mine only has 4 wires not 6 like in the schematic above
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yeah i just noticed that, after looking at you pic.

your bike was setup originally with a DC cdi,

so to get around this problem without a complete rewire of your bike,
i would be fitting a DC Stator to the flywheel cover, and your wiring should hopefully just be a plug and play from there.
i would probably buy a new CDI unit for it too, just incase

check before you buy that they will match your bike!

you might even be able to pick up a complete brand new wiring loom, including a stator, cdi, reg/rect a coil and killswitch.
this will make your wiring a lot simpler/tidier.

something like this, but you should be able to source something locally?

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