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Jan 29, 2011
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Hey guys, i'm new to the forums here, just bought an LEI XR125cc chinese pit bike off ebay for only $350 + shipping brand new! I haven't seen many forums on these bikes so I just thought i would start one since they have sold thouasnds of them. It arrived from Melbourne to Adelaide in just a day or so. It cam in a metal frame and i had to put the handlebars (which already had the brakes and cables connected) on, the front wheel, foot pegs, gear lever and the rear brake lever and the rear shock. In total it took me about 3hrs, if i was to do it again i could get it done within an hour. It was easy to assemble. I took it out of the frame and pulled the fuel tank out to give it a clean out with some petrol to get rid of the plastic scraps inside. I put it back on and put it together, gave it an oil change without even starting it and inflated the tires. It has an electric start, but i am yet to get that working(just have to put the fuses in). The kick start works well and starts after a few kicks with or without the choke. I have done approximately 5 hours on the bike after owning it for 2 weeks. I am very impressed so far and for the price it is amazing. I would strongly recommend this bike but would not pay anything over $600 for it. The performance is not amazing like with all 125s but that might be because i have a brand new yz250f that i ride and am used to awesome throttle response and out of this world handling, lol. I will keep the forum updated maybe in a months time telling any1 who is interested how the bike is coping. Anyway, any questions, feel free to ask, I check my emails daily so i'll get back to you real quick. Here is a pic of the bike when i got it and assembled it without the stickers:
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