My new Frankenstine Monster.

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Jul 1, 2022
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Grafton WVa.
Coleman mini frame i bought for 20$
Predator 212 non hemi from Harbour Freight.
Unnamed TAV2 torque converter.
Bear with me im slightly better at turning wrenches than this puter posting thing


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That great! Congrats. Will you update us with pics of the resto/mod?
I tried to mount the motor to the frame.
With the torque converter mounted to the motor it now hits the frame andthrows the chain to far to the left.
Amy sugestion im sure someone else has done this
Hey, I know you were not able to get some good help here.:(
Did you get this figured out? I would really love to see some pics when it's done.
I have been able to get a few pointers and also one member led me to another that had a mounting plate for my application for sale for half the retail price.
That's great, I'm so glad to hear it. How's the build you're working on?
Béen on hold for a while.
Car broke, truck broke, im broke
And not necessarily in that order.
Béen on hold for a while.
Car broke, truck broke, im broke
And not necessarily in that order.
Well, life does that sometimes. You'll be okay. They can always wait.
That's good news. Hope you can get back with your project this time. You and Tom from the same area?
Oh, that's quite a distance. Hope it gets there soon. Happy Holidays!
any chance its just a piece of flat plate with the holes drilled at the required location?
Have ZERO knowledge on these builds. Being Aussie, I didnt even know you could buy 'coleman karts' to build.
If you have a part number or link to an existing mount(you said above the one you were wanting to puchase was half the retail price) I can look into what can be found.
Final resort m,aybe to hit up an engineer/machinist shop and have them twirl something out on their CNC machine?Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 20-32-38 Mount Plate Kit For Harbor Freight Predator Engine 212cc 6.5...png