My new Frankenstine Monster.

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Yes thats it exactly
Who has one for sale that will actually send it to me when i pay.
Would like to support someone from this site.
Here you go, from @ToTo's post. Hope this helps.
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where bouts did you find that Miniriders?

I can understand ToTo wanting to support a member, but alas I reckon the chances of someone having this part will be slim to none.
My vote still goes to getting an Engineering/MNAchine Shop to make something up if the cost to purchase from an available supplier is to much
New work done on Frankenstine.
Added a new mikuni knock off carb and header exhuast.
Unfortunately, in less than 1/4mile frnt pully of centrifugal clutch came apart blasting parts across road.i followed direction to the T.


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Anyone know if i can reuse this less the stripped bolt?
How do i reassemble it and should there be a spring between the parts?

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