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Nov 8, 2009
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Does anyone have any spots to go riding?

Looking to take the pitty out with Doms150 next Sunday but am looking for places that people like to go.

I cant find much information on Marabel, near Clare, which I hear is a pretty good riding spot.

Does anyone have a private track/block of land that would be good for us to practice riding on?

only place i know is port gawler which is 45 bucks per person

or somewhere like ttg motorcross track, but there u need member ship etc, lucky i have one =)
well i have a track at my house, but i will only let people up after it has rained now, or else it is too dangerous with the dry grass and hot engines and sparks.

if we do have a wet day (during the week not weekends) i will post up an invite if mum lets me.
Sounds good $heepy. Definitely keep us informed :)

Anyone up for a country run in the mean time? ;)

It means a couple of hours drive though...
Yeah i'd be keen for a run to Clare, i know of a couple of spots around Burra, one in Middleton, couple near Truro, and my secret Dunes Haven... but i dont share that one, by agreement with the "traditional" owners...
I'll need to check with a few different locals to see how the other places are fairing in regards to "attention" from the poolice...

Keen for this Sunday Thump? :)

Burra sounds good. Thats where the g/f's bro heads up to, but not sure where exactly.
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lol, i wish i could go this sunday... we're winding up for work next week, so going anywhere is out of the question at the moment sadly... would need a bit more notice to get organised with work etc. :(

i'd be interested to know where your gf's bro goes, i grew up in Burra, so know most of the people there, and places to ride...
He talks of a place called Worlds End Creek sometimes, not sure if that's at Burra though.
yeah that's at burra... hope he doesnt ride there, it's heritage listed national park, and probably wouldnt be worth the trouble, if he got caught riding in there...
Great for camping, not good for the license or the wallet if you get busted...
I know a place on the other side of the highway, running along the same creek system, that is a little less illegal...
Hmm, sounds interesting.

PM me some details :D
I C whats going on here, Thump takes a clan of miniriding bandits to jams. then they shut down..... tisk tisk
yup. we going to split into two teams, and have WA and Taswegia shut down next. :D
easy. go grenade fishing for Lake trout, public uproar will close all nature reserves. :D
^^^still doubtful lol give me a grenade i reckon i could get away with it here
yes well, the yokels down there probly used to explosions etc with Uncle Chop Chop and his "Chook" farm.. ba ha ha.

Still jealous though... :(
yes well, the yokels down there probly used to explosions etc with Uncle Chop Chop and his "Chook" farm.. ba ha ha.

Still jealous though... :(

hahahaha, ya i dont reckon i could live over there after living here....all that rec reg bull crap and police on bikes in the bush would **** me to tears and i prob wouldn't even ride i just load up drive ten min and have around 3000 acres to go nuts in or just ride up the road 1km and have about 500acres of trails and gravel pits ;)
ride where you want, awesome riding areas, and your sister/gf thing is hot.
I hate you....