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  1. S

    Morgan again?? Just got the word can we use it again, NO WORRIES!!

    So just had a chat to my mate that owns the ranch at Morgan. He said no worries we can use it again. We know about the driveway in now and how it works! A Generator would be awesome next time to fire the lights up. There is a caravan there that could be usable with the use of a vaccum...
  2. Chops

    Chops 160 outlaw

    So I thought I'd start a build thread, havent added or changed anything yet as its only 2 weeks old tomorrow and it just spent its first 1 and a 1/2 weeks getting ridden each day:cool: Love the bike, ran well not a problem with it and gave it two oil changes whilst away. I think the tappets...
  3. S

    2014 TDR PRO 125 noob build

    Well the bike came today. All seems pretty well in order.... Been through basically everything, will bleed the brakes tomorrow...the rear doesn't even really work :/ so it will need to be done. This is my major concern. There was a random spring washer in the bottom of the box...I thought oh...
  4. my67xr

    Riding in South Australia , tell us where/when, it might make it easier to catch up with other membe

    i've started this thread, so if someone or a group of SA members here are heading out riding that day, or are planning to head out soon, that others may be able to organise a time/place and catch up together. i find that riding with other mini riders, is a lot more fun than going out with just...
  5. R

    Rustys pit bike problem

    I am making this thread to avoid spamming with updates, videos pictures. Me and a bunch of friends have moved our focus from full size bikes to Pit bikes due to injury, time and money. Riding like this was going to kill us. RM250 two stroke chasing down big four strokes - YouTube and...
  6. R

    Is Port Gawler Adelaide mini bike friendly?

    Hi Is there any one that takes there Pit bike down there, I am looking to take my two bikes down there Wednesday/Thursday next week and wanted to know if they have tracks for Pit bikes or if you are constantly pissing off the big bike riders and is it quiet during the week. I have been there...
  7. rumble

    S.A motard racing

    Atujara MCC who are running the SA supermoto series, are looking for people interested in racing mini motards. If you are at all interested, email [email protected] for more information. There is a hill climb coming up shortly and two more races towards the end of the year, with lots...
  8. Raven

    SA: Since JAMS is now closed until Feb 2010...

    Does anyone have any spots to go riding? Looking to take the pitty out with Doms150 next Sunday but am looking for places that people like to go. I cant find much information on Marabel, near Clare, which I hear is a pretty good riding spot. Does anyone have a private track/block of...