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May 30, 2009
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i really need to know when the new braaap frankston store opens. really wanna check it out and need to get some parts aswell. anyone know?
Not really sure when abouts, but i got the plastics off the bike they where going to take a pic of to put on the store Haha ;) they had just put them on too didnt even get their pics
try a search of the forum. the owner has anounced it already im sure..
yeah already tried searching before i posted the thread up. looked through and found literally nothing. still ill search more. anyone know?
I think they are almost open. I popped in there today for a look. Can probably still buy parts of them, doors were open.
mum rang braaap yesterday i think it was to enquire about soome stuff and brad is over there right now so im sure it wont be long
As far as i know....the shop hasnt had its "official grand opening" but i think you can still go in there and buy parts/accessories etc their located at 35 Playne Street, Frankston. Ill send a text msg to Brad to post a more official update on the stores progress. Hope that helps guys ! :D
oh, thanks heaps for that! been waiting ages for the street address. cheers. oh any updates on the store would be great.
braaap frankston!

Hey Guys we are rocking and rolling at braaap frankston 35 Playne Street!!

The grabnd opening! Eg Closing the street is on Aug 29 we will have freestyle, bands, graffitti comps and heaps of cool stuff going on!!!!

come in and say gday!!!

join our riding club! its free and we send out messages emails etc on what we r doing!

come say gday!!!

I went for a sick ride yesterday!

Keen as to hear where every one else rides around the Frankston area!~

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