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  1. UrbanRockWell

    Hi! New POSTIE BIKE owner and member!

    Hey there all, love all the inspiring joy riders and your joy rides, I myself finally got a hold of a 1981 Honda ct110 , it’s got a Lifan 125 engine on it, an amazing motor enthusiastturned small engine mechanic helped me get her back on the wheels and now I’m wrapping the exhaust which did...
  2. C


    Hey guys I'm starting a PITBIKE YouTube channel and wanted to throw it on a forum here. If you guys like watching videos of pitbikes subscribe and like my videos. I will Be making more videos soon of all diff bikes and races ect... Thank you! 2017 KLX110L!! Ride and Walkaround - YouTube
  3. GreefClothing


    Hey Miniriders! Hope you all have had a great Xmas and New years on your motos. We recently went for a surf check and decided to take the mini's for a strap through the headland trail, instead of walking hahahaha All the best for 2016! Keep posting all your great videos and pictures as much as...
  4. P

    Watch me burn myself on YouTube! @PitbikeWreck

    Hey guys, I would like you guys to watch my YouTube video of me riding to a dirt field!!! Also I end up having my chain falling off and when I go to fix it I burn my arm! Give it a look!
  5. E

    Youtube Channels!

    hey everyone! if you have a youtube channel with videos of all moto related stuff post it on this forum! would love to see everyones different riding and places! i post Moto and Bmx clips,Videos! Enjoy! :applaudit: Emilio Dimachki
  6. S

    First time for me on a real MX track. Loving it!

    Me after a few laps getting confident...a little to confident! Leave it alone admin..... :frustrated:

    what time is the frankston track open to ride on wednesdays

    what time is the frankston track open to ride on wednesdays 2:00 or 3:00 please help thx
  8. gooba198

    Nsw riding spots?

    I live in lismore about an hour out of qld near the beach and i dont no of any riding spots beside ballina black duck valley and emu creek, plz help?
  9. TyD

    anyone know when DHZ is back open?

    Hey guys. Just wanting to know when DHZ is back open? tried emailing them, PMing them and ringing them yesterday and today.. really need the carby and motard rims and its less than 2 weeks to the motard day at archy.. any help will be good.
  10. atomik boy

    i split my leg open!!!!

    hey guys i have some good news and some bad news. good news is i alive bad news is i cant ride my bike for 4-6 weeks!!!! i caught air (umm acidentally) and came down hard and had a massive cut (i'll upload a pic of it later). went straight to the hospital and got it stiched (at like 9:00 at...
  11. jordz__007

    When does braaap frankston open?

    i really need to know when the new braaap frankston store opens. really wanna check it out and need to get some parts aswell. anyone know?
  12. fat80y

    pity day out video (on youtube)

    Hey guys we took out the bikes today , bit wet but loads of fun !!!:D bikes are :- A10R 140cc CPB - rider Nathan A6R 140cc CPB - rider Darren LONCIN 125cc - rider Mickey + Micky YouTube - moto hope u enjoy!!:)
  13. SIK50

    Sa Riding Spots Still Open

    With all the development going on around adelaide and further afeild maybe its time to start a new post of still ridable locations.........
  14. foolsp33d

    SA Riding Spots

    The Following is a list of riding spots in SA. Please feel free to contribute.
  15. foolsp33d

    WA Riding Spots

    The Following is a list of riding spots in WA. Please feel free to contribute.