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Feb 5, 2007
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The Following is a list of riding spots in WA. Please feel free to contribute.
If yaz want good riding, & no hassle, Head out to Mundaring, (wear they use to have rally Oz). more bush tracks than you could ever go down. in fact you would proberly get lost so take a compass with you LOL
Then over the other side of town Near ellenbrook you have the Pines, just don't go there after dark some real Phyco's out there.
Or just across the road From Barbagallo is some good bush land full of tracks
& then pretty much every thing else is guy's property (invite only kind of stuff) & your usual BMX tracks & SK8 parks but you got a watch out for the MAN
im going tomororow,
just finished running bike in cant wait to through some roost
just found new spot running the quarry around near cockburn cement turn on to track off beeliar drive right next to railwayline head south towards cockburn cement turn left when you get to big fence go thru hole then have fun
also on the side of the railway line s you can go everywhere from rockingham to byford freo and canningvale anfurther so if you know anyone who lives near these you can get everywhere in perth no roads no cops just fang through the sand ps atomik 125ccs prox bikes f@#$ 'n rock ducar is great engine no drama if you use loads of locktight
Q. Two Rockingham girls jump off a cliff. Who wins?
A. Society.

Q. What does a Rockingham girl use as protection during sex?
A. Bus shelter.

Q. What do you call a 30 year old Rockingham girl?
A. Granny.

Q. Why did the Rocko girl cross the road?
A. To start a fight with a complete stranger for no reason what so ever.

Q. What do you call a Rockingham girl in a white tracksuit?
A. The bride.

Q. What's the first question during a Rocko quiz night?
A. What you looking at?

Q. Two Rocko's in a car without any music - who is driving?
A. The policeman!

Q. What's the difference between a Rocko boy and a Rocko girl?
A. A Rocko girl has a higher sperm count.


Don't kill me Rocko boys just thought this was funny as i use to live there back in the day
hey, that train line u talked about runs past my house and i can tell you rail patrol see you on that track they call the cops straight away just a heads up
hillz that pic i seen it before on
do u know tocchi?????
it's a dudes Avatar on i just copied his whole post & pasted it in thats why its still there
oh ok sweet....
might have to check some of these spots out ay....
hey rider been runnin those tracks now for the last four months no dramas just smile and wave to the guys workin the tracks they dont give a shit
hi im new to this and im looking for a place to take my sons riding im in armadale
hepburn heights bushland is alright and theres an alright jump in there to... only reccomend it if you live near by though otherwise not really worth it.

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