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WTB: Chain Slider for Billetware /Sano/ Red Baron/ 2Brothers swingarm

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crf50 2008

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Feb 6, 2010
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Adelaide S.A.
Wanted: Original Chain Slider for Billetware/Sano style swingarm

Condition: Preferably brand new, but a secondhand one in VG condition will be ok

Preferred Price range: let me know

Location: S.A. but am happy to pay for postage

Extra Information: Will buy one from US if i need to.
but just looking locallly first

Contact: PM, or reply here
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yeah, that's the one.
anyone have a spare laying around, or do i need to order one from the US ?
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Ive got a brand new unused blue five o , I paid $25 so ill sell it for $25 plus post
Ive got a couple of lighly used spare ones assell I can throw in
Let me know if that works for you ?
Nah I sold them all

I've tapped into the swing arm & made my own sliders , it's way cheaper & you can make them longer than the brand name sliders