Zongshen 160 length, Z160HO

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Jun 15, 2014
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Mount Gambier
What are these engines like and does any one have the dimensions of it? As I want to use it for a school tech project!
Thanks a lot Eli
They're a bit longer than a 125. Good as far as I can tell from riding mine! Better off in a bike than a school project....or is that a sneaky way to get the parents to cough up for one?

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Well I'm going to build a mini bike in tech and I want a big motor in it! Hopefully this picture works but it will be like this one. image.jpg
That's the plan as well hopefully the parents might chip in!
looks alright, a modernised version of the Deltek's etc
this is my old Deltek i had 35 years ago-

do you have plans for making it ?
if not, i have a link that i could post up for you
Sweet those look awesome! I want to put this motor in it because I had a look and the pump motors which they used to have a the same price as a pitbike motor. Yeh if you could post the plans that would be great!
Also do you have any idea what size those shocks are and where I could get them? Should I do a build thread for it and what section would I put the build thread in?
the engines in those 2 minibikes i posted above are just old Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower engine, they are just mounted vertically though.
it' just needs the carby turned around 90 degrees on the intake manifold tube.
they run a Centrifugal clutch set up, so they idle happily, and when you pull the throttle on, they rev to around 1200 rpm and start to move away.
they went pretty quick...

start a thread in the china builds section, i can always move it if i find a better place to have it.

they used Honda Postie CT110 rear shocks on the Delteks

here is the link to the build plans-
Wren Minibike Plans

here's a couple more, a different style, based on a push bike-
Bicycle Minibike
and a chopper version-
Mini Chopper Plans
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I recon just find an old lawnmower or a new massport is about $400 from Bunnings!

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Dad has a couple of honda pump motors sitting around so they might work. I'm hoping my parents will chip in with the zongshen motor though!
If I did use the zongshen I was told I would need these parts:
-wiring loom $35.00
-cdi $25.00
-rectifier $25.00
-carby $70
-airfilter $20.00
Is there anything missing. I want to be able to put the motor straight in the bike.
you wont need a rectifier unless you want to run lights or a battery.
but if you are doing that you'll need another stator and the regulator/rectifier

all you'll need is a carby and air filter,
it comes with the cdi, loom, manifold, kick starter,
NEW Pitsterpro Z160 HO Race Engine 6 Plate HD Clutch Rotor KIT | eBay

you will need a kill switch, throttle cable, throttle, clutch cable, clutch lever too
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I'm looking a rims and tires and I'm not sure how to tell how big they are. The ones that I'm looking at say:
4.10/3.50 tire and then it says choice of either 4 inch or 5 inch wheel.
Would they be suitable for a minibike?
As you can see I don't know very much yet :(
Thanks for your help so far!
Okay thanks that pisterpro motor is better then the zongshen isn't it? Isn't Pisterpro the really expensive pitbike brand. Levers are cheap and easy to get and I might be getting better levers for my big bike so ill use them. I defiantly don't want lights the less electrics the better.
Okay hopefully should be a good motor then! I have a disc brake from my hardtail which I don't use so I was thinking I could use that as a brake, it should be strong enough. Those mini quad tires look pretty good! Heaps of tread.