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  1. C

    Supermoto Project Advice?!?

    Hi everyone!! I'm new to the forum... basically, I raced last year in the minibike british supermoto championship... now, I raced the stock140 class but I did notice that in the crf150/85cc championship the CRF's where dominating, I don't like this... I plan on building a TM85...
  2. C

    Hot Rod? mini bike for sale

    Baja Mini bike modified. Practically new condition. Engine is the Briggs & Stratton Formula Racing Engine for the world class go kart racing division - 13.7HP 7100RPM. Equipped with a comet TAV Torque Converter. Has extra front wheel with brake and brake mount (so you can have brakes front and...
  3. D

    New Here, Have Frame Question

    Hey miniriders, I am Damon, I am 17 y/o and I am a senior in high school. We have a "senior project" to complete in order to graduate at my school. I have always wanted a pit bike to ride around at the track, but never was financially able to do it. I am hoping to build my own pitbike for the...
  4. ash.onmtb

    FS- Project china $50...ono

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Frame, swingarm, front wheel and forks etc as pictured- used condition. Purchased as a project bike, but haven't gotten around to it yet. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: Cash or transfer - $50ono. Pickup only. REASON FOR SELLING: Chosen to restore a...
  5. GooseMan

    Anyone want project?? TC185

    ITEM AND CONDITION Up for grabs is my 1974 TC185 Suzuki, in fair condition but runs well. PRICE, PAYMENT METHOD AND TERMS OF SALE: C.O.D or paypal or bank transfer before pick up. $600 Negotiable for you lads. REASON FOR SELLING: Need to make room in shed, shut got a new bike. EXTRA INFO...
  6. skidpig7

    Zongshen 160 length, Z160HO

    What are these engines like and does any one have the dimensions of it? As I want to use it for a school tech project! Thanks a lot Eli
  7. my67xr

    my Atomik Pro X 125. the quick fix/budget build thread

    some of you may have seen my latest parts bike, it's an Atomik Pro X 125cc. i picked it up for $120, i just wanted to use the front forks and maybe the rear shock on my other bike. but i've been thinking about it and seeing as it is almost complete, i might swap my old Fuse forks onto it...
  8. TomaszBurcon

    crf70 project build

    hey guys just found this dudes build vlog kinda thing i have watched all of the episodes hey are pretty good! heres the first episode (first one isnt the best imo) <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie"...
  9. Carlts

    Atomik Rebuild - Bro's Bike

    Hey Guys, Thought I'd rip apart my bro's bike and give it a bit of TLC :D Here goes: Notice This thing has dust, dirt and rust everywhere.