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  1. Electrum

    Pitpro backfiring in the first 5-10 minutes of riding

    Hey guys, since a few days ago... after I leave my bike overnight and start it the next day and let it warm up with the choke on for 10 seconds and about 10-15 without the choke and then click into first gear and start riding and then when I turn the throttle in the higher gears the engine...
  2. S

    What are the best bang for buck lifan 125 upgrades?

    So it looks like my 125 lifan is going to be in the bike for a while as I get other motors sorted out. A new smaller flywheel is already on the cards. What else can I do to get it running a little faster without being to crazy spending a ton of money? Links would also be nice as I just got the...
  3. my67xr

    my Atomik Pro X 125. the quick fix/budget build thread

    some of you may have seen my latest parts bike, it's an Atomik Pro X 125cc. i picked it up for $120, i just wanted to use the front forks and maybe the rear shock on my other bike. but i've been thinking about it and seeing as it is almost complete, i might swap my old Fuse forks onto it...
  4. stickyicky

    Takegawa DOHC 124cc

    Takegawa 124cc DOHC top end kit. complete head, piston, cylinder, crank(not shown pic wouldn't load), 28mm PWK Keihin flat slide, manifold rewelded by BBR to fit in a perimeter. "Jermey Mcgrath" dynoed cam clocked settings I just came up on a 60mm piston for my Takegawa DOHC 4 valve, so I'm...