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  1. Jonte

    170cc 4v vs 184cc 2v

    Hello! Which would be better and more powerfull? 170cc cylinder with chinese 4v head or tb 184cc cylinder with stock head. :p I have yx160cc gen3.
  2. ClassicHonda50

    TB Parts KLX110 style V2 Race Head Upgrades

    The following improvements have been made to the KLX110 style V2 Race Head: - Now comes with forged aluminum roller rockers - Bushings rollers have been replaced with a bearing rollers - Intake valve is now stainless EV8 like the exhaust valve Also, there is no price increase on the...
  3. G

    3 phase lighting coil rectfier needed.

    Well I hit a new 160z and it comes with a 3 phase coil I'm looking for a new rectfier for it as it didn't come with one. Any ideas?
  4. 8r3nd0

    NSW boys ride days.

    Ok so surely we have a few NSW guys and girls on here, question is do you guys want more ride days and race meets? I'm on the south coast so it's a good 7 to 8hr travel to any race meet in any direction. How far are you willing to travel and where are you at. I want to know that if I organized...
  5. J

    YX160 160CC out to 184cc, big bore kit

    Could someone plz explain how I go about stroking my 160 to 184 what do I exactly need to do so?
  6. Chops

    My modified madass!

    Thought I would put up build thread of my Sachs Madass, they share a few similarities to mini bikes. I have been reading alot of stuff on here lately, in anticipation of a future engine upgrade. Here it is the day i picked it up. I pretty much ordered a tune up kit straight away with egr...
  7. timeeh

    Installing a V2 and 184cc kit with a auto decomp on a YX engine

    This is just a basic guide (in fact my first 4S build) so don't take this as gospel and please feel free to add bits i may of missed or got wrong... Anyway lets start by pulling down the YX160. Fisrt of all i would prep the new head with the cam, rockers + tappets and arms. Start by fitting...
  8. Chickenwingz

    Chickenwingz's question thread

    Bike Silencer How can i silence my pitster pro so that it doesn't annoy the neighbors?
  9. DHZ_XR8cing

    Thoughts on a ORK and a 184cc big bore kit

    Good evening everyone. Im just doing a bit of dreaming at the moment. I got my v2 getting some work done to it at the moment and was looking for a few more goodies. Whats everyones thoughts and experiences with the Racing Outer Rotor kit and the TB 184cc bigbore kit for my 160?? Is the...
  10. jasonbutey

    The Im Going To Thread

    Ok theres a thread and its called ( THE I JUST DID ) so i decided to make a thread called (THE IM GOING TO) soo we can all chat about what where going to do with our bikes, or whatever. ENJOY