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  1. china911

    ycf braaap 190 v yamaha yz 125 /scalvini pipe

    struggling a bit in the sand with 12/14 wheels set up . Didnt really get the bike running great with the new pipe . It was hot and dusty, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29in-d07e4M bit to much for the yz in the end .
  2. Z50Jay

    Wanted: CRF50 pipe

    WANTED: CRF50 pipe to suit big bore engine. Titanium preferred. Yoshimura trs or rs-2 , fmf 4.1, ti force, pro circuit etc. CONDITION: any condition considered PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: depends on condition LOCATION: I'm in Brisbane but you can post EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: pm me...
  3. B

    my klx/drz 110 build

    hi guys after a long absence im back, i have been away from the seen for a couple of years doing the normal stuff ie. buying a house getting married blah blah ,. Anyway im back with a klx 110 , im sure its a drz tho. i got it mainly to teach the young bloke to ride a motorcycle so it will be...
  4. spoonta68

    WTB: full exhaust for my motovert rx build

    WANTED:full exhaust to suit stock 125cc motor crf type pipe CONDITION: new or very good nick PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: depends LOCATION: victoria prefer but will pay postage on right deal EXTRA INFORMATION: needs to be a crf50 type pipe and needs to be aftermarket can CONTACt: pm me...
  5. Hillz

    picked up a KLX

    got it for a bargain, previous owner says it runs ruff. will check it out over the weekend 2005 KLX110 143cc, FMF pipe & has HD springs
  6. DHXrider

    Damn Exhaust Pipe, they're all different !! help !!

    EH guys, Wasn't sure if I should put this into the wanted section but meh, here goes. So I'm trying to find a pipe like the one in the left side picture, it's a shorter (silencer) with a slightly more angled lead pipe than the D-section mufflers. I'm just wondering if anyone knows this style...
  7. the50king

    PC Pipe on a china

    Just came across this just wondering if it would fit a lifan 125 crf50 style bike Pro Circuit T-4 Exhaust XR50 00-03, CRF50 04-09
  8. TomaszBurcon

    Please help exhaust issue ?!?

    hey everyone our neighbors have been complaining from my bike being to loud ;) so my parents said they might buy me a new pipe !!! so i was wondering what is a sort of quite pipe for a crf50/88 excluding the stock pipe ! thnxs
  9. J

    Sachs Pipe Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend an after-market pipe for the Sachs Madass 125 to improve performance? Would prefer to source in NSW if possible.