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  1. Q

    Honda XR100 VS Apollo 110 Chinese Pitbike!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This is my first post... I wanted to make a funny video comparing these 2 bikes. Let me know what other videos I should make!
  2. 21Guns

    2015 Atomik Nitrous 125cc

    So I bought the Nitrous 125cc of Ebay around March for a grand sum of $580 including postage with the expectations of its a chinese bike I'll probably have it thrashed and broken within a few months. It was my first pit bike and first time I'd really ridden an offroad bike. Honestly these last...
  3. gottagetacheaperhobby

    ktm 50 knock off review

    So, i thought i might post up a bit of a review on the little ktm knock off my son has been riding for the last 10 months. We are just about to sell it on and up grade to a geared bike so i thought i may as well let other ppl know what i thought of it before she goes. The bike was bought...
  4. TYE

    No name china bike

    This is a review of my no name Chinese 125 dirt bike I got off ebay for $440 brand new shipped. Bad first impression. Comes fully assembled so it is not in a shipping metal frame and the brake lever is completely snapped off, making us assume bad quality transit. So me and my dad guessed it was...
  5. Carlts

    QLD Moto Park Review (Wyaralong) - What a place!

    Queensland Motorbike Park Review In November 2009 news arrived of a potential Government approved Motorbike close to Brisbane suburbs. With such plans rarely going ahead the potential of a new park was dim, but the riders persisted, the government co-operated and NOW THE WAIT IS FINALLY...
  6. Carlts

    Alexwarehouse, opinions please?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at making an order from Alexwarehouse found here: Dirt bike parts|China pit bike parts|Outdoor sporting goods From what I can see there shipping costs and item prices are pretty reasonable as well as there proposed shipping times. So I was wondering if anyone has...
  7. Clinton3


    Hey Everyone, The brand Dirtmax is rarely mentioned on these forums. I know a few people that ride them but can't seem to find any reviews or opinions on them in these forums. Are they any good? Cheers
  8. C


    Well here it is at last as promised: I bought my Atomik 160cc Bigfoot of Ebay for a bit above $700. I chose the Bigfoot over the smaller wheeled bikes because I was after a bit more ride height and stability. I know many out there are anti-bigfoot config. So once the bike arrived I undertook...
  9. mitchh braahh

    can some one please post a review of a 150cc PitPro 2008 ?

    i dont know if this bike is good or not so can some one please post a review?:confused: