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  1. N

    new DHZ DPro 160, Z160Ho, Stripped 2nd gear,

    Hi gents, first off awesome forum. I've learnt a lot and I've managed to set up my dpro 160 from reading all the info on here and for that, thank you. I've had my dpro for about a week now and it's been running perfect up until yesterday. Had some mates over with varying levels of riding...
  2. D

    Shimming transmission/gearbox and clutch, YX160

    Is there anyone here that can explain how to shim a box, where to shim and shimming the clutch basket in easy terms to understand. I carnt seem to find much info on this seems like some people know a bit on this but don't put it up on the web. I'm just putting a new gear set in my yx160 and I...
  3. Cordogs

    How do I stop this from happening spanner spinners?

    Pretty self explanatory, I fixed it once took it for a ride then it happened again an hour later. Don't want this to be an ongoing issue!
  4. J

    150 top end + crank into a 125

    gday guys, i got a 150cc lifan motor 4spd manual from a mate of mine and the motor was in a bike that burnt down, ive torn down half of it the head block piston rod and crank are all fine but im yet to take the trans apart or anything to see whats going on with them, i was thinking seeming i...
  5. my67xr

    Eliminating side play in your shift drum ZS155 shown, but should work on most horizontal engines
  6. sly1300

    Shift Drum/Star Setup? Begging for Help. :(

    Hi all. Quick question. Long explanation. Is there a certain way the shift drum assembly must be put in during trans assembly? I busted the cases on my yx160, have since updated to the new reinforced case and bearing and updated gearset. I bolt it all back together and for the life of me i...