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  1. D

    2018 SSR125 SR wiring HELP!!!!

    So i have unsuccessfully wired my pitbike for a tail light. Im using a 12v pitbike R/R from ebay and am getting weak and unstable voltages. It is not rectifiying nor regulating. Here is a link to exactly how my system is wired. i got this link from vince at tboltusa. my bike has 2 yellow output...
  2. 0

    what plastics will fit on a 2017 SSR SR150?

    I am wondering what style plastics would fit onto an SSR SR 150 if there is anything besides the OEM ones which are $189. I would rather not spend that since I only paid $300 for this bike which runs great but needs plastics and I just couldn't justify it. Anyone know any ebay kits that will...
  3. B

    SSR 125 Reviews/ Thoughts?

    I'm looking to get a 2017 SSR 125. Currently own a 2011 Pitster Pro 125 with a motor swap from a 2006 Pitster Pro 125. Still working on fixin a couple problems that came with the swap but their nothing serious. I've seen that a lot of people have SSRs. I just want to see what other people think...
  4. S

    SSR 125 Clutch Arm Retaining Pin Help!

    Hey guys. Recently picked up an SSR 125 (missing some parts). The Clutch arm will not stay in the case without the retaining pin and I can't seem to find the part online. I've reached out to many aftermarket SSR parts dealers and they can't seem to help me out so I figured I'd ask you. Video...
  5. criggs

    SSR 125 budget bike

    Hey guys, I recently came across a pair of pit bikes on Craigslist while searching for a cheap, small bike to teach my little sisters on. Originally I was opposed to pit bikes, mostly because they aren't quite intended for learning on. Then, I found an ad that had two for sale at 250 for the...
  6. Alex RidesYamaha

    SSR valve engine problems

    Hey everyone, I have an SSR 110 pit bike. the engine has been giving me troubles. It wont start and i inspected everything on the outside of the bike to see if i didnt have to take the engine off. nothing was wrong on the outside so i took the engine off and took off the head. the rings and...
  7. L

    Atomik with ssr engine

    Hey guys just wondering your thoughts on this?, picking it up for $250
  8. D

    2014 SSR 125

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to this forum and brand new to the Pit Bike world. I recently just picked up a 2014 SSR Pit bike 125cc and I love it. Know that it is china made and not the greatest quality I was curious if anyone knows of cheaper places to purchase new levers, brake and clutch...
  9. D

    107 ssr needing a little more power...

    Hey guys last night I picked up a 107 ssr pit bike from a buddy. He had put some inverted forks, mikuni carb and a aluminum mx style swing arm on it. In my buddy's shed I have a 125 and a 120cc motor torn apart. My question is can I put any of these parts on my bike? The head maybe? Would it be...
  10. McDo

    Few Questions

    Hey MiniRiders, since i'm new to pit bikes, i'd just like to ask a few questions; Which bikes are Chinese? Which bikes are Japanese? Where are PitsterPro's and DHZ's made? Obviously, just the popular brands (don't need to tell what you they are) Any help would be appreciated, thanks...
  11. R

    SSR 125cc wont start!

    My SSR 125cc pit bike wont start. It has Spark, Compression, everything it needs to start. It started and i rode it a little bit then i washed it off because it was dirty and now it wont start. My carb was broken so i ordered a new one. Please help
  12. P

    SSR SR160-TX

    These SSR SR160-TX bikes look amazing! What do you guys think?
  13. S

    Need Some Advice SSR 125SR

    I just bought an SSR 125 SR Bike is nice and everything but after a week of riding im ready for some mods , i would like to get some preformance mods and some look ( blinkblink) mods , i use the bike as my pit bike when i go racing but after the day is done we usually do some dump stuff on...
  14. G

    SSR 125 Fork Springs

    Does anyone know where i could get heavy duty fork springs for an SSR 125TR with inverted forks?
  15. B

    ssr pitbike rear sprocket question

    :handshake:Just put together my new SSR-110semi pitbike and it seems great so far. Buttttttttt.....while doing a pre-delivery chain adjustment I noticed that while rotating the rear wheel the chain would go slack and then tight then slack again. I suspect a bad rear sprocket because it is in...
  16. Xtina

    Introduce yourself :)

    I didnt see a thread about introductions... About me: NAME: Christina AGE: 22 LOCATION: Brisbane southside BIKE: TTR 230 and Motovert 125 I work full time for an insurance company, model and do uni. Love to ride but bugger all places in brissy now :( Copy and past the following...