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  1. I

    Gongyu 125 timing chain how many links

    I have a gongyu 125 (124cm3) and I deed to know how many links timing chain I need
  2. S

    How is the timing set on DS80 - 1995

    Hi I am working on a 1995 DS80 for a buddy. Can anyone explain how the ignition timing is set on this bike? I see a small arrow on the crankcase, but is this supposed to correspond to a mark on the magneto plate? The magneto plate has slots and looks like it is rotated clockwise...
  3. S

    Misfiring and not revving 140

    Alrighty. Here goes. This is for a Zongshen 140 kickstart only motor. This is a bike I've got no history on, so don't know if it ever ran with this setup. Doesn't look like it's been changed about but you never know. It runs terribly, popping and misfiring at idle with very occasional...
  4. T

    HELP!! atomik nitrous 150cc

    ok so I done my valve clearances on my atomik nitrous 150cc...now all of the sudden sicei done it i got oil leaking from the bottom tappet cover.... I haven't broken or over tighten anything,there was never oil here befor please any advice would be appreciated! is the bottom tappet mabey not...
  5. motovert24

    Estart zongshen 110

    Hi guys, Having abit of trouble with my new 110 with starting. Me and dad got it wired up and it's making all the starting noises but just won't go, changed to carby to a 19mm as my 26 was leaking fuel everywhere. Also I can't find any Manuel's or wiring diagrams for this engine, does anyone...
  6. Clinton3

    Help Needed... :-(

    Hey Guys, Ive got a Dirtmax Dominator 160cc YX with about 8 hours on it. Picture below. It has a HUGE kickback problem. I have had it professionally serviced by DHZ and I have tried all the different methods of kicking, always about 50/50 kickback. Been through one set of starter...