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  1. L

    PitsterPRO XJR ss 50

    So Iv decided to buy a PitsterPRO XJR ss 50 and I'm just wondering what upgrades I should do to make it safe to jump
  2. K

    Atomik Nitrous 125 upgrades

    hello everyone, i just got an atomic nitrous, was just wondering the first and most important upgrades i should do to it . cheers kane
  3. davedynamite

    Yamaha Chappy LB80 engine swap ► Lifan 125

    Anyone have pics or any helpful info about motor mounts and/or electrical hookupo for this mod? I have a Lifan on its way and am preparing to remove my motor and modify the frame, fit it, and get her painted...any help would be appreciated...thanks...
  4. my67xr

    Atomik Pitbike parts prices

    Atomik Comp L 172 spare parts hi, i'm just wondering if you have a parts list with the pricing for the Atomik Comp L 172cc bike please i have looked on your site but can't find one there. also could you please tell me the length, eye to eye, of the rear shock thanks, craig
  5. A


    hey guys just wondering if this DNM rear shock i bought will fit a standard style swingarm on my completely stock 2012 crf50
  6. KGILK91

    HELP NEEDED ~ Apollo AGV-21 70CC

    I recently purchased a used Apollo AGV-21 70cc mini bike for my 5 year old son... After looking at the VIN, I believe it's a 2008 model?? However, it's in poor shape. I'm trying to find a parts list and repair service manual for this mini. It needs quite a bit of work... Some of the parts...
  7. J

    Pit Pro 125rr, rear shock and upgrade question

    Hi guys, Im new to this site and Chinese mini bikes, Would some one please be able to recommend a reasonable rear shock that's a reasonable price ? I'm thinking fast ace but I'm not sure what model would fit my bike, does any one know ? Also does this bike use crf50 plastics, seat, fuel cap...
  8. Perthrider

    DHZ outlaw 140 mods?

    Hi, this is my first post in miniriders, though i have been using the site for years, (great info!). Ive recently purchased a DHZ outlaw140, and ive noticed hardly no threads on this topic, so i decided to make one so other DHZ owners can possibly benefit from everyones experience. so, What...
  9. L

    atomik upgrades

    Hi guys i was just wondering what would you's recommend changing on the 125 atomik nitrous mid sized i dont want to spend alot but things that would make it better?
  10. Hock

    DHZ dpro 160 upgrades

    after i get my DHZ Dpro 160 i have a few upgrades im thinking of doing. feel free to add any that you think will be necessary. Hour meter - Hour Meter Red Gear Lever - *NEW* GEAR LEVER DIRT PIT BIKE MOTORCYCLE - BLACK | eBay Blister busters (grip donuts) - handlebars, grip, gripd...
  11. M

    yx 150 (lifan i think but it says on the site its atomik)

    hello, i have this bike... atomik bigfoot 150cc and i was wondering is the much i can do to it ? like can i bore it out and would it be worth it.. and does anyone know the valve clearances and can somebody please tell me if there are any common problems with this motor.
  12. sam93

    Camshaft upgrade

    Question: What cam shaft can i get for my engine and what is good etc? How much? Engine: Ducar 125cc 54x54 Carb: Will be getting the oko treatment. (Not 100% but most likley) Head: Stock head will be getting ported Valve springs: Will be go for some new HD ones. Why? I want to get a...