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  1. Crackle_Smackle

    Bringing back my '97 Z50R

    Was helping my father clean out their old house about a year or two ago, and guess what was still sitting in the shed? My '97 Z50R. It hadn't run in maybe several years, I couldn't even remember. I had so much fun on that little thing growing up, it brought back a lot of memories. Sadly, at the...
  2. S

    WANTED CRF50/88

    WANTED: after a worked CRF50/88 with the goodies. will look at anything though show me what you have got. CONDITION: running PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $1000-$1500 depending LOCATION: Brisbane, Queensland will travel 4 or 5 hours though for the right bike EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT...
  3. R

    lifan 140cc vs 70cc top end rebuild kit?

    howdy one and all, im about to start a rebuild of a z50r and im trying to decide which route to take with the engine. I like the idea of keeping as much honda stuff on the bike as possible but for a bit more i could get a whole 140cc lifan engine. Has any one gone down either path before, are...
  4. R

    Victorian MiniMotard?

    Hey all i have a z50r i was thinking of turning into a motard bike but im just wondering if there is any point are there regular races?, where are they at?. Any info would be great thanks a lot.
  5. ash.onmtb

    mechanic to rebuild z50 motor SE Melbs

    As title states, looking for a reputable mechanic/engine shop to rebuild a z50 motor back to being as reliable as the factory made it, with maybe a sniff of performance (as who can really stand to tear something apart and rebuild it without improving it...) Chasing rock solid reliability, and...
  6. tormentandglory

    WTB - CRF/XR/Z50 top end, head, cylinder, piston, etc...

    WANTED: later model genuine Honda 50cc top end parts CONDITION: New or used, as long as they're good enough to run PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: depends on condition... LOCATION: I'm in melbourne, southern suburbs EXTRA INFORMATION: I'm working on my next project, a 5 speed v-twin z50...
  7. D

    1969 st70 dax, project

    ITEM AND CONDITION:hey guys i have a 1969 honda dax (rat dax), what is just sitting in my living room, and would love for someone to bring it up to its former glory, it currently has z50 shocks and cut z50 springs in the front, with new tyres and i replaces the wheels with better condtion use...
  8. Anthonyburris

    can you swap a '77 to '93 z50 front wheel hub?

    Just bought front brake shoes for my 93 z50r but the site does not sell the hub for the front wheel. They sold both for the rear, just not the front. Found a front wheel hub from a 77 z50 on ebay for like $40. Will this fit on my 93, and work with the brake shoes I already bought? or does...
  9. ringo

    Z50 Gorilla Replica (Tonelli G125)

    I thought I'd start this build thread just as it starts getting interesting!! I bought this Tonelli G125 from a dealer unregistered and put it over the pits. How it looked when I bought it: Went for a track night at the local kart track: And how it is now: So...
  10. T

    Tozzi's - 1974 [ k3 ] candy topaz orange ct70 + 1969-71 [ k0 ] candy sapphire st70

    Hi everyone I'm Daniel. New to the honda mini-bike scene but not so new to the pit bike scene. I hope to meet some new friends and mini bike fanatics. I'm always looking to help where I can, all your feedback and insight would be great!! Having owned 4 pit bikes 3 in the past and one...
  11. C

    1977 honda z50 build. My first bike

    Just got this 1977 Honda z50a from my dad. Helped him move to a new house and he gave it to me in return. Which is awesome because I've always wanted one and love riding these. Friends always had stuff like this but we weren't as privlidged as them. haha. anyway, My plans are to get it running...
  12. K

    Super Rare 1991 Honda Z50JX Gorilla JAPANESE SPECIAL Collectors Bike

    Came across this on ebay. Is a super rare bike. Check it out. There are only 2 of them in the United States. The bike is even NOS and has never been rode or started! Honda - eBay (item 180747716669 end time Nov-06-11 18:00:58 PST)
  13. S


    I need some help. I got 2 motors z50s, I need the years so i can get parts. AB02E-6619992 AND AB02E-6100414 THANKS FOR ANNY HELP MIKE ROGERS
  14. M

    Hec's current ride - Tonelli/Skyteam M125

    Well, since MG is shut down and I've been a member here for over a year, I may as well put up a pic of my current ride - a Tonelli M125 Honda Z50 replica. I have 20 or so Hondas and 4 Chingas in the shed, but this is the reliable bike that always sees active duty. Keeping it mostly stock, only...
  15. tomy251

    Tomy251s' 1st ZEDDA! 1976 Z50J1 Build...

    Hi guys! FINALLY Bought myself a Monkey Bike! :D Picked her up last Thursday how it is in these Pics: She NEEDS some LOVE thats for sure hahaha MY PLANS are to get it in its Original form with a few extra little touches! They include: -Sandblast/Powdercoat (or...
  16. Peter1230

    Z50 Compliance plates

    Hey guys. I too am joining the Z50 world! I am unsure of the year model of it.. but it is old.. rusty but still a project for me. I need to know what i am looking for on the plate on the side of the bike. It is a bit scratched and numbers a a bit hard to make out. But it does mention...
  17. y0 ash-tray!

    Shannons Auction: Z50 and CT70

    Hey guys just browsing what Shannons are auctioning found these two beauties... CT70: Car Insurance Australia - Car Enthusiasts - Classic Car Insurance - Shannons Z50: Car Insurance Australia - Car Enthusiasts - Classic Car Insurance - Shannons and to think i paid $300 for my CT...
  18. z50

    88kit onto z50.. worth it?

    how much of a difference will a 88cc kit make on a 1995 z50