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Hey guys, I've already started my build but I thought I'd come on here & upload all my pics I've taken so far, get some constructive criticism, new ideas & maybe I could help you guys out as well, if you have a question feel free 2 ask me, anytime & I'll try my best 2 get back 2 you asap! but I'm new 2 this site & dont want 2 sound like a d*ck lol so you should know this about me, I learn something new everyday!

you'll see that all my builds are extensive (in depth) & sometimes, Expensive! also, very time consuming lol (I could spend hours, if not more going over something in my head just 2 get it right!)

they will be detailed, I'll have website links & pics provided 4the parts I've purchased, or Mods I've done, any work on the Build pretty much! oh & btw guys, I take Alot of pics (from all angles!) so that if I do a Mod or install a new part (whether it be OEM or Aftermarket) you'll be able 2 clearly see the work done, or whats needed 2do it yourself!

LINKS 2 PICS - Engine Prep & Paint, Black & Grabber Green - Monster Energy!






FRAME; Wash, Prep & Paint - Grabber Green By Dupli - Color, Very Hard Paint!



You Can See The Actual Color In 1st Pic, 2nd Shows The Bright White Light lol.. sorry


Miscellaneous; Foot Pegs, Handlebar Clamp & Risers, Air Filter, Stock Front Forks


Our New Pit Bike Track, Build Starts Soon! City Is Providing Bobcats & 1 Back Hoe! :)

> Our Old Track Was Destroyed By Weather, Waivers Are Being Handed Out & Help Is Needed!

> This Is 1 Of Our 3 Possible Layouts - Drawn By Myself lol Hope You Guys Like It, Let Me Know!


> 2nd Pic Is The Land The City Is Letting Us Use! I Live 4 Houses Down :) lol oh yeaaa
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Set yourself up a flickr or google+ account or something like that, and upload your pics to there. Once on there on there just copy the location of the pic (right clik and select "copy image location") then in your post select the image icon located in the top of the box and click paste and then OK. That should get you sorted.
Set yourself up a flickr or google+ account or something like that, and upload your pics to there. Once on there on there just copy the location of the pic (right clik and select "copy image location") then in your post select the image icon located in the top of the box and click paste and then OK. That should get you sorted.

Your awesome lol thnx bro!

I'll hav pics up by June 6th, 2012

It's a frame off build, soo... everything imaginable is being done! :)
What sort of bike are you building?

Photobucket is another good one too>

The forks you linked are just cheap ((non adjustable)) forks that look OK because they are black, They have cheap cast alloy triple clamps & will not work real good if your jumping?
Inverted Forks Suspension XR50 CRF50 CRF Z 50 XR SDG SSR 107 125CC Pit Bike **05 | eBay

If you are in Australia? These ones would be better>
GPX Moto Minicross Black Label Fork Kit 660mm Complete Kit

"Smart people surround themselves with those who are even smarter"

your absolutely right, just like we ride & race against ppl that are faster & better!
so that we'll learn there tricks & techniques & 1 day when they ARE looking,
we go out & smoke there azz hahaha :)
Sweet... How the hell did ya get the city to supply a block, and the bobcats and backhoe?
In Australia you'd probably get slapped straight in the face if you asked your local member for anything!
I Have A Treat 4 You Guys! & Perhaps It'll Lend Some Help Down The Road

I Know It Did 4 Me & My Cousins, I Printed Them All Out 2 Keep Handy In The Shop!


> Applies 2 Most Pit Bikes Really.. In The Case You Put Something On Backwards lol :/

> Here It Is, I Made A Group On Flickr (Just 4 "MiniRiders" Members!)

Flickr: The PIT BIKE 50cc - 110cc TECH DRAWINGS Pool
Sweet... How the hell did ya get the city to supply a block, and the bobcats and backhoe?
In Australia you'd probably get slapped straight in the face if you asked your local member for anything!

HAHAHA omg! ^^^ My Face Would Be RED Every Damn Day In That Case haha

But 2 Answer Your Question, Our Mayor Actually Lives On Our Corner! (Small Town)

He's Super Cool, A Great Friend Of The Family & Well Known 4 Supporting Anything That Keeps Kids & People Away From Drugs, Booze, Gambling Or Trouble In General!

We Had A BBQ This Past Wknd, Invited Him Over & I Had A "Feeling" That I Should Show Him My Drawing lol.. Well, After A Good Hour Of Talking (I Had Already Picked The Spot & Used Google Earth 2 Take An Overhead Pic) haha I Was Quite Prepared 4 Anything He Could Have Said 2 Me..

Soo... What Happened Next Was Kind Of A Shock lol

I DID NOT Expect Him 2 Say This;

"Well.. You're Gunna Need A Bobcat Or 2" hahaha like, man.. ok!? :)
More Pics Coming Soon! & Those Were With My Old Cell Phone..

I'll Use My HP Photo-Smart Camera & Also Include Parts I've Ordered!

> Stay Tuned 4 More lol :)
yeah, you gotta know someone who knows someone! Where is this anyway? Post up the google maps link for us... In canada?

ya I'm Canadian & live on the Dead End of Bell Street (perfect 4 fast getaways) ;) hahaha but thats another story altogether... Lol anyways, I'm from a small town called Port Colborne (about 18,000 ppl or so) & we're as South as it gets, considering Buffalo NY USA, is to the East & Pennsylvania USA, is to the South so we're tucked right down into Lake Erie pretty much lol & yea sure thing bro! I'll post a link 4 you guys so you can all look into my windows LOL joking.. have yourself the grand tour!

P.s. (Grey Snow Plow Truck is in front of my house)

better yet, I'll post afew pics that you guys can all look over & hopefully, share sum ideas!?

& with a little help from the program "Paint" I can show you guys our Pit Bike Lot :)


I hope everyone likes the Pics! & hopefully you'll all get a good idea of what we got!

Please share any insight that you may have, ideas & suggestions! greatly appreciated!

Here's The Link, Although.. The Pics I Did Are A Little Better :) Lol

494 bell street google maps - Google Maps


  • My Street - Dead End - Side View1.jpg
    My Street - Dead End - Side View1.jpg
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  • My Street - Dead End - Top View1.JPG
    My Street - Dead End - Top View1.JPG
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  • My Street - Dead End - Top View2.JPG
    My Street - Dead End - Top View2.JPG
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Hey mate,

Just a suggestion:

Upload all of your photos in to one album, so that we can see them all in one!
Here's a really well presented image host: imgur: the simple image sharer

When you upload photos, before you click the upload button, just choose 'group images into an album'!

That'll get you a lot more views, and make life easier for everyone! :)
You can also add captions to each individual photos in the album, so you're not going to lose all of the explanations of each photo you added in the post!

EDIT: Oh, and of course, link us to the album, not each and every image! :)

Ordering - Monster Energy Plastics & Piranha V2 Complete Rear End Kit!

well, I'm going to make this very Blunt.. if any of you guys Ever saw the plastics on my Pitty when I bought it, well.. you'd run like hell! hahaha seriously, they've been scratched, torn, cracked, bent, broken, melted you say? (most likely!) lol oh & painted over, afew times.. ugh!

but I'm not just going 2 put any plastics on the bike & call it a night, unlike ALL the other Pit Bikes with the Red Plastics & Black Handlebars that I've seen at our local Pit Bike Track, I don't just want my Pitty 2 stand out in a crowd of 10 other Pit Bikes.. I want it 2 out last them aswell!

I search the web every night on my spare time (even on the laptop in my Shop) looking thru all the different web sites, picking out the best 1's & finding the lowest prices (don't we all these days?) But.. I'd rather spend the extra $20 or $40 than hav2 sacrifice on QUALITY! I'm not just throwing afew shiny parts on my Pitty, I'm completely re-building my bike.. from the ground up! & honestly, some parts out there are just made 2 LAST!

now.. I want 2 make this very, very clear.. if you guys have taken a look at sum of my pics that I've posted so far & noticed the Black & Green, then I'm sure you know that I've chosen 2do a theme bike!

but like I said, I want 2 make this clear ok.. building a theme bike not only takes ALOT of work, it takes longer 2do & will most likely cost you more money! 4me it's totally worth it.. bragging rights, being the only guy with a different bike at the Track lol & having that feeling of accomplishment & taking pride in your own work! this subject, I think we can all appreciate.. having something that's Built, Not Bought!

keeping in mind, obviously I'm looking 4 performance.. (who isn't?) lol & as I previously stated, I'm not just going 2 throw just any part on2 my Pitty! but, at the same time I'm also looking 4the appearance aspect of it, your Pit Bike won't stand out in a crowd with the $1000 you just spend on the engine, although.. it will once you Blast past each & everyone of the guys on your local track! ;) so add a couple items here & there when you get a little bit of money together or you have some free time!

I want my bike 2 look good when its just sitting there aswell.. but when your doing a theme bike, you'll find yourself going Crazy over the small things lol spending alot of time looking 4 something thats not around, you've never seen b4, or just something unique! (not talking about that 24K Gold Pitster Pro either..) hahaha

Give it some Contrast man!

I'm talking about having somewhat of a design aspect when you 1st approach your build, write things down, take pictures, search the web! not only will you find what your looking 4 but, you'll most likely find something 2do that you hadn't intended on doing in the 1st place! (this is good, it'll keep you busy on a rainy day, or when your parts are off being sandblasted or anodized!)

so by now, a couple of you guys know that I'm from a small town.. & when you saw, or see the Green & Black theme that I've been following, you'll most likely think of Monster Energy! they sponsored me afew years ago when no1 else would, they were there 4me when no1 else was.. this is my way of showing them my appreciation! (other than the multiple times I stood on the podium!) :)

you guys can choose between purchasing Just plastics, or what I like 2 call a "Plastic Kit" (Plastics with the decals already on them) 4 afew extra bucks it'll save you some time & if you're a 1st time Dirt Bike guy, it'll save you from buying another set of decals if you mess it up!

this Plastic Kit ran me about $60 Canadian & was well worth it, it'll make the bike complete once I finish the rest of the Build & bolt on all the remaining parts! the Black Plastics & Background of the Decals will make it go PERFECT with the Green Frame! plus, the White Stripes will go NICE with my new race spec Swinger! :)

oh.. & I almost forgot 2 mention lol I did end up ordering a set of "Black" Pro Taper Riser Bars (BMX Style) haha even though I said "everyone has a pair of Black handlebars.." lol I didn't really trust going with the CNC Green Anodized Aluminum Bars from Ebay.. I thought they wouldn't take my abuse, there were NO reviews & I also didn't care much 4 the bend that came from the factory.. Pro Tapes all the way! :)


  • Monster Energy Decals On Black Plastics $60.jpg
    Monster Energy Decals On Black Plastics $60.jpg
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  • Pro Taper Riser Bars $40.jpg
    Pro Taper Riser Bars $40.jpg
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  • Piranha V2 - Complete Rear End Kit $368.jpg
    Piranha V2 - Complete Rear End Kit $368.jpg
    41.8 KB · Views: 10
Green Bastard - Parts Unknown! hahaha

What sort of bike are you building?

it was originally a Piranha / Pitster Pro 110cc & has a 114cc Big Bore in it, but its had a lot of its original parts replaced, mix-matched (hence the Piranha / PitPro) sandblasted, anodized or just painted over! I mean.. someone just went crazy on it & was very keen on making it look different! lol but.. its not beaten, broke or scared! haha

so I striped it down 2the frame & disassembled everything! then got myself a couple cans of Dupli-Color Grabber Green Engine Enamel, some Low Gloss Black & some Flat Black paint!

& much thanks goes out 2 Monstery Energy 4 sending me a whole bunch of Goodies! :) afew sheets of Decals & a crazy amount of Sticker Kits (Literally, All Sizes Included!) I got the Big "M" medium & small, plus afew Rectangular Swinger Stickers 4the Rear Swingarm!

I've contacted my friend Jack over at Wholesale-Cycle in Akron & he's allowed, well lets say, a couple changes 2 the parts & the assembly of those parts that I've ordered so far, & am about 2 order lol

you see, the Rear Rim on the Piranha V2 Complete Rear End Kit is Black in color.. I thoroughly went over my Pitty last night.. realizing that I am in "desperate" need of another color! Lol.. now, you all know that I already hav the Green & Black theme & after much debate...

I'm going with GOLD as my 3rd! instead of the awful yellows that I've seen, the Gold will stand out more & will definitely make my Pitty stand out in the crowd!

so, going back 2the conversation that I had with my dear friend Jack & trying 2 keep it short lol.. since I'm making such an expensive purchase from them & just from them, there going 2be changing out the Rims 4me & doing a little work in there shop! so now, instead of the Black Rim on the Piranha V2 Complete Rear End Kit....

I'll have a Gold Excel Rim with a Black Hub & Grabber Green Heavy Duty Spokes!!!

I honestly can't wait! I've even been trying 2 find a picture of a Set online but no luck..
that way you guys could see them, but I know they'll look SICK & STAND OUT!

this is the best I could find lol & its not even 4a Bike haha I'll be the ONLY guy with these rims!

not just that, the Only guy that has Gold Rims, Black Hubs & Green HD Spokes on a PITTY! haha


  • images.jpg
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With all of the work being done 2my Pitty, I sometimes find myself taken back..

Looking at the bike or bare frame & saying "hmm.. what's next?" lol

Well, tonight I've been looking at some pictures, discussed it with a friend of mine
& the next thing on the "2 DO LIST" is;

Upgrading my Stock Seat to a Higher, much more comfortable "Tall Seat"

You've all probably seen them & wondered if they actually do anything lol

I'm here 2 tell you that they do! & not only will your Back thank you the next day hahaha you'll honestly feel much more comfortable on your own bike!

you see, with the Foam in a Tall Seat being raised as it is, you get a little bit more cushion under your arse when riding & also.. when Cornering! plus, just like having a set of Taller Handle Bar Clamps, or lets say some new Riser Bars from Renthal or Pro Taper, you won't feel as scrunched up (being a full size man on a smaller Bike!)

instead of purchasing 1 new Tall Seat, I'm just going 2 make 1!
well (with a little bit of help from my good ole mom & her sowing machine lol..)

I'll pull out the staples, strip the glue & (hopefully) PULL the Vinyl off, not TEAR it!

then grab some Medium - Hard Density Foam & start Shaving & Shaping it!

using a piece of 1/8" Thick x 2" Wide Metal Flat Bar as a Guide (Length of Seat)

I just came down with Mono though, sick as fux.. so I may not be online 4 abit..
but if I am online, I definitely WON'T be in the Shop working.. :(

but you know me, I'll Post Pics once I've started guys!



3RD Pic - I'm thinking I'll do my Tall Seat Green with a Black Monster Energy M Logo!


  • Normal Seat - Very Low Style.jpg
    Normal Seat - Very Low Style.jpg
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  • Tall Seat - With Foam On Top.jpg
    Tall Seat - With Foam On Top.jpg
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  • Tall Seat - With Fox Logo (Stiched).jpg
    Tall Seat - With Fox Logo (Stiched).jpg
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