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  1. jeffreycobra

    Crf100 build finally done!

    Finally got my graphics and plastics on the bike and my build is complete! I’m super happy with how it turned out!! 04crf100. Was all stock besides the pipe when I got it. Mods I did: Tb 120 big bore, Daniel Crower racing cam, Mikuni vm26 carb & tb linger metal intake with cone filter. vonkat...
  2. C

    Ktm 85 supermoto

    Hi i just wanted to know if anyone has upgraded the ktm 85 front brake for a 125-450 sx brake caliper. I read that it can be done. but it doesn't seem to be just a straight bolt on scenario. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. C

    Supermoto Project Advice?!?

    Hi everyone!! I'm new to the forum... basically, I raced last year in the minibike british supermoto championship... now, I raced the stock140 class but I did notice that in the crf150/85cc championship the CRF's where dominating, I don't like this... I plan on building a TM85...
  4. Carlts

    Carlts LXR builds

    Well guys I have two LXRs on order, cheers to the Casey at DHZ for being a great help! I figured no one wants to see yet another LXR thread but I figured this would be a good place to post build progress, riding pics and all my questions. Will keep you guys updated with piccies as the bikes /...
  5. Mini-Fifty

    XR50 01' Stock/Mod Ultimate stocker build.

    Hey guys, Already had a few mod/stock 50's in the past, sold everything and havent done anything with them the last 2 years. I saw a clean stockXR50 01' frame for sale, bought it and going to start a build from ground up. :D I braced it (Welds doesnt look amazing, but works great) and bought...
  6. S

    New mini build

    hey guy's i recently brought a pitpro crf style one with a 140cc engine but engine is missing heaps off it im thinking/planning a build it has the usd forks and swingarm with rear shock no wheels or bars im looking for any ideas as was thinking of doing a 10/10 or a 12/10 build with a semi auto...
  7. spoonta68

    WEAPON RX build thread

    hey alls recently picked up this motovert rx from a dude in nsw for a wicked price and once the cash had been transfered... it was pretty much loaded in a mates double doing a melb to syd truck run apon arrival i noticed that the sellers desripton wasnt exactly spot on lol -rear dnm was...
  8. Hilli32

    Hilli's Postie bike build

    G'day all Thought I would share my postie bike build on here. It's going to be pretty slow as it doesnt need to be ready until July and my only income is washing dishes on weekends! The bike is an 08 which is tidy under the surface but the last owner neglected it abit. It seemed every...
  9. Bbrcrf50boy

    Full mod crf50 build

    The time has come for me to do a full mod crf50 which I have always wanted. The other week I picked up a full sano mx bombshell front end and a two brothers racing +2 swingarm powdercoated black for a great bargain which I'm super happy about. For the motor I've got my 88 takegawa...
  10. D

    I won a 50

    Hello all. A few weeks ago I got a call telling me to come down and collect my prize. I'm taking this as a sign to start riding 50's again. I had a pretty sweet stocker a while ago but had to sell it to fund my 4wd's, I've quickly realised i dont have the time or $$$ to build another good...
  11. krazed0451

    FS: PSTO TL160 + TB head and mods - $1,500 ONO

    ITEM AND CONDITION: PSTO TL160 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1,200 ONO (Price dropped!) REASON FOR SELLING: Lack of use EXTRA INFO: Build thread located here. I've ridden it once since the build and it goes beautifully (.8hrs). There is a tear in the rubber intake manifold...
  12. Mini-Fifty

    Back with a new build, Dirtmax 150cc

    Hey Everyone, Havent been on the forum for a while, lot of work and other stuff, but the interest of pit bikes has not been gone. Bought a ´Dirtmax´ 150cc Pitbike last month for a nice price, so im going to rebuild it and ride it for the winter. Lot of fun because normally we dont have...
  13. S

    Terra moto 125cc build, and my first bike.

    hello everyone first post, i just got myself a pit bike a terra 125cc, my first bike i have owned. have some riding time on 250 and stuff. not a lot though. been looking at this forum for a few days could help signing up and posting my progress, anyway bike is a 125cc terra moto 07 i...
  14. U

    140cc "mini cafe racer" build

    Hi all ..not sure where to post my build so took a stab and thought "china builds" was the most fitting . Where do I start , a few years ago I bought a 140cc atomic. Built it up as a mini supercross bike and for years rode bush .then I parked it and have not done anything with it for a long time...
  15. ScottWADZ

    *Trailer Build*

    Hey everyone and welcome to my Trailer Build Thread, I decided to get back into Mini Bike's/Thumpers whatever you want to call them so decided to purchase myself a trailer to carry around the bikes, so here will be my updated log of my trailer build from start to finish. ^ As you can...
  16. Lockbofi

    Genuine Thumpstar build-up

    Hey guys new to the miniriders forum. Picked up a genuine hunge25 thumpstar with the billet frame that I am going to make a build out of. It will be a slow build but the things I am wanting to do are: 150 or 160 motor After market exhaust Sm pro or excel rims as originals are buckled Crf50...
  17. R

    Parts to Pitbike Build

    Hi all. I'm starting a build that I like to call. Parts to pit bike. I recently finished my last bike to a point that I was happy with.It's a mix of three or four bikes, maybe more that I made into one over the years. I also used second hand parts and ebay items to make my bike :) It turned...
  18. Carlts

    Going to pickup a PSTO 160 roller

    Hey lads, I am going to pickup a PSTO roller this afternoon. If all goes to plan I should have a nice second build going along. Roller is a little rusty by the looks and has big wheels on it now.. why oh why hahaah Watch this space for updates, main concern is fitting this bike in the back...
  19. Jammo

    Jammo's 50 Build ! First Jap Ever

    Put a Deposit on a 2007 Crf50 ! Picking it up when I get paid next. Current Mods : 2007 Model Crf50 Engine 2012 Head + Cylinder Five-O Dress-Up Kit Red Pro Circuit T4 Exhaust ( Brand New ) Polished Clutch Cover + Black Honda Ignition Cover Roller Strengthened and Powdercoated...
  20. Swishersweetzz

    Swishersweetzz Build

    Hello mates this is my first build Let me tell you a little about it, I traded two ebay racing seats with ebay 5 point harnesses for this 90cc Chinese bike about 2 or three months ago . This is my first bike i recently started riding super mini pocket rockets that have 110cc motors . My...