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  1. A

    My New mini mx track

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. S

    Help Daytona 150FDX 4v Keihin PE 28mm jetting

    I just bought my first pit bike and want to set up supermoto style for my local track a high speed kart track. Bike is a Pirahna Daytona 150 4v (N-1-2-3-4 shifting). I bought the bike from sea level and I live in Colorado at 5280 feet elevation. The thing really comes off weak on the power...
  3. motorman Race Team first practice

    Had a wicked pratice on Saturday with Chris, Zach and Dyllan out at Kosta's private track. Got a couple of pics to share. Had a few bike issues. YX LXR broke the kick starter shaft 3rd kick off day. lol :( Other LXR had rear sprocket issues and flats all round. Glad all this happened before...
  4. motorman

    Victorian Mini MX Championships 2015

    Well some of the rounds have come out for this year. Looks like it may be a 7 round series this year which is great. For the first time Miniriders will be running a team along with sponsoring the B Grade. Team members are: Chris Bedford - A Grade Zach - B Grade Dylan Hooper - B Grade...
  5. Styv_Loosekid_21

    Miniriders ride day frankston.. Late Jan

    Hello all, I have spoken to stoney from the frankston mx track about having a ride dy at frankston track late January.. Date still to be decided as I'm trying to work it all in with the shops and people that's can make it.. But speaking to this fella said we can have the track re built...
  6. D

    New Here, Have Frame Question

    Hey miniriders, I am Damon, I am 17 y/o and I am a senior in high school. We have a "senior project" to complete in order to graduate at my school. I have always wanted a pit bike to ride around at the track, but never was financially able to do it. I am hoping to build my own pitbike for the...
  7. china911

    New member to miniriders

    Hi l have been procrastinating for a while now and finally became a member. l have been Riding dirt bikes for 38 years and had a go on a dhz 110 a year back on a mates grass track. The thing got me hooked . (last time l felt like this was on a yz490 ) Decided to buy it off the kid put some...
  8. ScottWADZ

    Miniriders Track (EOI)

    Hey everyone iv'e had this crazy idea about 3 years ago but never got the opportunity to try and get it organised but now it's possible. Ok ill stop rambling on and say it, My Parents are on a 15 acre block of land which starts ontop of a hill making its way downhill which they use for...
  9. skidpig7

    Pit Bike Track

    Hey guys, Im thinking of building Pitbike track at my farm so that people could come out and ride. I'm thinking either a Supercross style track with heaps of doubles and triples, whoops and berms or a motocross track with some bigger table tops and ruts. I'm also building a freestyle ramp in...
  10. Styv_Loosekid_21

    Victorian Exclusive mini ONLY track!!

    ok fellas iv been in talks with a bloke on facebook whos dad is has been in the commitee at the bacchus marsh MX club.... noooo not parwan the better track literally over the hill which was built by the fellas who build the AMA tracks in america last year!! this is what i have been informed...
  11. Carlts

    [VIDEO] QLD Moto Park - Easter 2013

    Hey guys, Here is a new upload of Easter Weekend 2013 at QMP. This video is an edit of the Enduro, the MX edit will be up soonish ;) Cheers, Carlton
  12. the50king

    Riding the new GPX 125 race engine

    Hey guys this is me riding my new GPX race engine on my track, still needs alot of digging but it will get there haha p.s i know ull say wheres ya helmet so before ya ask haha i was gettin hot an took it off.. probly not the best riding but just a quick lap haha<iframe width="560" height="315"...
  13. TomaszBurcon

    Backyard sx track

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. J

    Pit Bike Build - Must See Hey guys, I've already started my build but I thought I'd come on here & upload all my pics I've taken so far, get some constructive criticism, new ideas & maybe I could help you guys out as well, if you have a...
  15. TomaszBurcon

    Tom's Track

    Hey everyone i thought it was about time to make a thread about my home track... Sooo this is what i have got so far, it isnt that great but we are always getting more dirt and improving! So i figured i would make a thread for people to help me design the track and give me tips haha ;) So yeah...
  16. TomaszBurcon

    Welcome To The Team

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  17. tomy251

    MINI MiniMoto SX Track Build...

    Hey guys! Ive got a bit of dirt to play with on our land so Im planning on building a MINI Scaled Down Version of a Vegas MiniMoto SX Track...making my own Track Design using the 2009 and 2010 MiniMoto SX Track Layouts. It isnt going to be huge or anything too special...just something I...
  18. cmpbll911

    Riding in Wagga Wagga and surrounds

    Me and a few lads, about five of us, are looking for some places to ride near Wagga. We've already found some mad forest but we're looking for someone with a track similiar to McNeil's from deliquien. We're willing to travel a couple of hours, so anywhere areound Albury, Wodonga, Wagga and...
  19. $heepy

    went for a ride today. i thought i might share.

    here is some pics of me having a little burn. we desperately need some rain it is so dry!