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May 1, 2007
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Newcastle NSW
Hey guys!

Ive got a bit of dirt to play with on our land so Im planning on building a MINI Scaled Down Version of a Vegas MiniMoto SX Track...making my own Track Design using the 2009 and 2010 MiniMoto SX Track Layouts.

It isnt going to be huge or anything too special...just something I can have some fun on!

There's enough land to buid it...but this Track will be a work in Progress aha because I dont live at home anymore :)

Anyways here are the 2 Vegas MiniMoto SX Track Layouts:





The 2009 Track is a lot simpler...wanting to try and incorporate the two somehow.

ANY Ideas would be Appreciated!

Im trying to figure out the Layout I could have here on our land at the moment...haha

Ill get some Pics up later of the space I can work with.

Just sussed out the space I can work in and...the 2009 MiniMoto SX Layout would work PERFECT so Im going with that!

Its going to be a bigger track then I thought so it will take a fair bit of time haha but it will be all worth it!

Only problem is the track will be on a bit of a slope which is a bit of a pain but that will be figured out.

Progress Pics soon to come...:)
YEW that looks sick what will u use to build it

Well Ill get my Dad to help out on his 4.5 Tonne Excavator haha...but his pretty busy doing other stuff so the Track will be built up fairly slowly.

Least Ive got the Excavator here but...makes work SO MUCH EASIER!
Tommy This Track being Built in Newcastle?
yeah sweet , the 2009 track looks way better than 2010 .

Haha yeah! Bit simpler...but my Version of it will be HEAPS Smaller but Ill make it so its still Heaps fun!

Tommy This Track being Built in Newcastle?

Haha na mate. Building it at my parents place on the South Coast of NSW :D

Wish it could be built up in Newcastle but!