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  1. Devin DeMarco

    new to the 110 world (crf110)

    Hi all! I’ve been in the 50 game for around 15+ years and never got huge into it, but did the simple mods like 88 kit, skid plate, pipe, +2 swinger and some bigger suspension. But seeing everyone with a 110 seems to be (or has been) the new craze. My 50 has been siting for the last 5-8 years...
  2. C

    Ktm 85 supermoto

    Hi i just wanted to know if anyone has upgraded the ktm 85 front brake for a 125-450 sx brake caliper. I read that it can be done. but it doesn't seem to be just a straight bolt on scenario. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. M

    Is this bike priced fairly?

    I was told that this bike turns over but needs some wiring and a new brake cable, would this be a good deal or no? I do not know much about bikes.
  4. T

    Kid's ATV Apex Pro MXR90 Mini Quad for sale, race ready, immaculate !

    KIDS ATV MINI QUAD FOR SALE – APEX PRO MXR 90 -- RACE READY - IMMACULATE! I JUST REDUCED THE PRICE TO $3400. That is an AMAZING deal for everything that comes with this sale! I just made the deal better! Scroll down to see the many extra parts I am including in this deal. I am selling my...
  5. C

    yz85 mini supermoto suspension/spring rates

    Hey all. my first post. hoping to pick your brains about my mini. been racing it for a while on the stock stuff. ready to improve things a little. Anyone know how to find a good spring rate for my 85? i use it for mini roadracing on cart tracks and have no idea where to start as far as...
  6. my67xr

    Mini Moto Racing Ride Day's at Cameron Park NSW

    I have just found a page on Facebook for Mini Moto Racing Mini Moto Racing - Events Mini Moto Racing Ride Day at Cameron Park is non competition event. Mini mum of 7 entries are required before entries close 4/4/15 . Bring your bike and have...
  7. M

    Any ideas of make and model of this bike?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've recently been given this mini pit bike/dirt bike and have been trying to find out the make and model. Been told it's a DR50 and its Chinese, just want to comfirm it, and to know which parts to but etc. any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. R

    Can i make this happen

    I have 50cc mini dirtbike, and wondering because its a pull start if i can make it a kickstart simply by adding a small metal plate with a peg out of it to the frame then tieing my pull start round it ?? Can you email me your thoughts : [email protected] On attached picture...
  9. S

    Kayo Mini GP Build Up

    New toy I picked up for me and my son once he grows up enough to ride. Gonna do a 2011 Marco Simoncelli Replica to it. Not sure what color I want to powdercoat the wheels. I am leaning toward red right now as the replica will have some red in it. Kayo Mini GP...
  10. L

    Mini riders near wollongong

    Is there any mini rider meets near wollongong
  11. L

    After a mini bike or pit bike

    Hey I'm after a new mini bike / pit bike what are the best brands I want to do jumps and maybe race I may have around $2250 also it the Braaap silent any good
  12. T

    Mini Motard, Archerfield, QLD

    Where can I get info about mini motards at Archerfield? Thanks.
  13. Y

    mini chopper engine

    Hi all I got a mini chopper with a eletric start Chinese 110cc engine in it it's got a scored bore I have a replacement engine but it's a kick start but it is a 125cc just wanted to know can I swap the head piston and rod from the 125cc engine on to the 110cc engine they look very similar I...
  14. Styv_Loosekid_21

    Where is mini bike racing going in 2015??

    Hello!!! As you all know I have been away hiding but still lingering around the ins and outs of what's happening to me beloved hobbie. Which has resulted in me asking what is going on with the mini scene Victoria for 2015??? I was gobb smacked to here the loss of entrants and the pulling...
  15. U

    140cc "mini cafe racer" build

    Hi all ..not sure where to post my build so took a stab and thought "china builds" was the most fitting . Where do I start , a few years ago I bought a 140cc atomic. Built it up as a mini supercross bike and for years rode bush .then I parked it and have not done anything with it for a long time...
  16. O


    WANTED: MINI BIKE, DHZ OUTLAW 70stlye, pitster pro klx style CONDITION: IN GOOD CONDITON PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:$500 - $1000 LOCATION: TWEED HEADS/GOLD COAST/BRISBANE EXTRA INFORMATION: even a roller or something I can fix. Could meet somewhere if you Are out more then these areas...
  17. T

    Recommendations for super cheap 50cc dirt bike?

    Hi there, Can anyone recommend a mini dirt bike model for less than £250? It needs to carry an average sized man but it doesnt need to be super fast, it's just a bit of fun. I'm organising a mini race for a friends birthday and so we just need some bikes for one day, doesnt really...
  18. B

    DHZ Dpro 160

    Hi guys, just signed up to mini riders and am about to purchase my very first mini bike. Just chasing thoughts on the DHZ Dpro 160? Any pros and cons are welcome. Also is there anything i should modify straight away? Cheers
  19. R

    Australian Standards?

    Can anyone tell me if the "Assassin" mini dirt bikes meet Australian Standards for my kid to join a mini bike club?
  20. W

    How do I remove this sprocket?

    I have a mini bike but I have no idea how to remove my front sprocket. I'm tinkering around because I'm new to this and mini bike currently is a pos haha I watch video but they all have a nut to remove to get the sprocket off. I don't see any nuts to remove.... Here's a photo