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Dec 5, 2008
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Just a little friday afternoon boredom... i mean i should be pissed or riding right now and i'm not either :(... So what grinds your gears? It can be real or metaphorical... and needs to be short... I'll Start:


**CAUTION** In this thread swearing has been used to emphasize points... If you are under 15 we recommend parental guidance... ummm... i dunno...
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mosquite bites....valve bash....death rattle....BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!
i want to ride but cant cause my bike is in pieces :( and im at work all the time so cant do anything on it :(

ow and the fact i havnt gotten any action this week ;)
Saturday= I play Soccer, Brother Plays Soccer.

Sunday= Dad plays Soccer.

= No time to ride anymore .. sucks!
political correctness ..... it's a monster

I think they are now referred to as "aesthetically challenged entities of unknown origin". :p

Bulldog... are you taking the piss out of me??? :eek:

What really grinds my gears???

MEN .... yes, all of you.:rolleyes:
And yes, in that way as well!!! :p (cos most of you don't know what you're doing! lol)
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um... the old bastard at work...though i resigned now, so...thats one off the list....(cause of the old bastard)

centerlink...not yet, but in the past...

the problem with my net connection that wont allow me to get on miniriders.... so why am i here? dont know:p thers a program conflicting with a program conflicting with something.... computers:mad:

phone bills.

not getting enough practise to know what im doing:p

little dogs(and big dogs) that yip yip yip(bark woof bark) constantly
the panel beater at my place? his wife has this mini poodle and i just want to kick the freakig thing....

i think the not getting enough practise is worse:p
anothe thing...discontinued items.... and dick smith electronics

anyone ever see the toy pane they had called a hornet? delta pusher

all of 40 bucks, and damn it as the best model plane i ever bought. we got in a dogfight with the local swallows:eek: slammed into the ground too many times to count without breaking etc etc etc...
so they stopped getting it in and have some pathetic "normal" plane instead

and they dont really cater for the "electronics enthusiast" anymore either.... stupid takeovers:mad:

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