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  1. E

    Stratos sr6 Forks

    I just bought a pit bike, one of the main reasons was because of the fact of that it had Stratos sr6 forks on it. Now I realized that I can not find any information on these forks, parts, anything. I'm looking to gain knowledge on how to rebuild these, if there is any insight on what fork...
  2. D

    A set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70

    WANTED: a set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70 or bbr sp5's CONDITION: used, I believe in recycling PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $100-$150 LOCATION: sunny coast, willing to pay for shipping. EXTRA INFORMATION: minimal pitting or rust on the legs, if crf70 forks then ill need...
  3. Georgalis

    Stack / Crash pic's !

    Stack pic's ! I'm not sure if there're is already thread for this ? Post up your stacks , I'll start with a few Hills should be able to post his when he threw away a 110 over a double
  4. H

    Which 65?

    Quick question, lot of back story, bear with me. Woman at work has a 6 year old boy, loves to ride but is out growing his JR50. Both in size and riding ability. She bought him a CRF110 about a year ago and he does alright, but is one legging it. Now I've done some research and its seat height...
  5. F

    gear shifter 110 dhz

    Is there any after market gear shifters out there that fit on a dhz 110 semi auto the standard one is just crapy.. I tryd one but the dont fit under the engine casing
  6. force


    Hey guys the chain keep falling off my sons 110cc atomik. The sprockets are near new with no wear on them. I have tightened the chain with the tentioners and pulled the back wheel back. All to no avail. Is it time for a new chain? Sent from my GT-N7105T using Tapatalk
  7. S

    Postie engine upgrade registration- 110 to a 140

    Hey everyone, Have noticed loads of you guys have done the lifan 140cc swap. Any issues getting it rego'd? From what I know i would have to get the engineers certificate. Has this been a problem for anyone? Cheers, Steph
  8. rotn50

    Wakeys beach day/ townsvilles mini mayhem lineup

    Ok, so as a few would know we were having a beach day up here, the first of its kind as far as i know for townsville. this vid here is the lineup of bikes that were there minus a BBM 150 17"14"(blown head gasket) and a 125 cc piddy. <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  9. rotn50

    Thumpstar dipstick

    SOLDSOLDSOLDITEM AND CONDITION: Thumpstar dipstick, is faded and is not for sale but for give away. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: FREE, you pay postage $6 to anywhere in Australia REASON FOR SELLING: Its thumpstar, i couldnt just throw it out lol. EXTRA INFO: Dipstick is faded...
  10. MadeInChina

    What bike could this be?

    New to this site. Just picked up a chinese 110cc (108 to be exact) I am not sure what make it is. The trans is manual 4 down. I am also wondering what kind of oil it takes? Does anyone know. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  11. C

    Someone please help me with my bike

    Hi everyone, I have a 110cc pit bike and I just bought a new throttle for it because my other one broke. So I installed the new throttle and now when I try to start it, (takes about 5-10 kicks, bike has been run in about a week) the bike starts. But it doesn't sound normal and revs really high...
  12. C

    Hey guys

    Hey! I got a 110 pit bike yesterday and Im only new to it all. How far up the dipstick should the oil be before it needs an oil change? And how do I do the oil change? Thanks :)
  13. G

    110cc mini moto wont start

    have just picked up a not running 110cc mini off a mate of mine, a cheap chinese one, has MZB written on the seat, looks kinda like a lifan motor i think, its a 3 valve 4 stroke 110cc. anyway, i know that it has gone well prior to this, but it now refuses to start; it has spark, which to...
  14. brap

    Pitpro 110

    hey just wondering wat u think about the 110 pitpro?if i were to get it i would buy a differnt swing arm and bigger bars..tell me what you would think about that? PitPro Dirt Bikes - Mini Mid Sized Pit Bikes - Pitpro 110cc