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  1. fiffty_boytim

    Crf50 rebuild

    Doing a rebuild and tidy up an a 88 thought I would post pictures as I go the more active other members are the more pictures I will include First up was bracing and painting the frame for a bit more strength
  2. ?

    crf50 88cc kit :)

    I just bought a crf50 and wanted to buy a 88cc kit to get a bit more power, but are they worth getting? Is there much difference ?? I was thinking of this one Classic Honda 50's Australia - TB Race Head, 88cc Bore, 20mm Carb Kit - 82-13 Models [TBW0936] Anyone who has would appreciate the...
  3. Snaptrax

    6th September 50% Twilight race meeting

    Announcement from the 50% mini sx club We will be having another open twilight race on Saturday the 6th of September!!! At our track on Cummings rd in Bacchus marsh victoria. THIS WILL BE OUR LAST RACE ON THIS TRACK EVER! All riders, all pitbikes,all skill levels Just enter then rock up...
  4. mini mullisha

    Phoenix Creek Jnr Minibike park, QLD

    Went and checked this place out other day , bit more kid/ family place but had 1 sweet section on bigger track <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0hChYF1SNeQ?list=UUcv2bteJk4U9KpatgD0j_Ig" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> and heres a couple laps of it ...
  5. lets ride

    88 kit

    hi all im building a z 50 and looking at doing a 88cc with v2 head can anyone tell me how it will go riding it on the street and looking at putting in a 4th gear thanks
  6. brap

    Braaapster 88

    hey Im thinking about getting a Braaapster 88 and just wondering what people think of them?? Heres a link: 88cc | braaap