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  1. E

    Coil help!!

    Hey everyone I have have a coil on the bike arm and wanted to swap it over to another on, but the connections are different to each other, just wondering if I can get some tips on what to do and yea! Thanks :) I have this one on now and want to swap it to this one!
  2. jev

    atomik 125 compression

    Hi, Picked up a atomik 125 couple of weeks ago and it has a ducar engine in it. in neutral has heaps of compression but when clutch is in it doesnt seem to have very much compression. any ideas? Has a weak spark so thinking coil is stuffed, i'll swap it over with a spare i have...
  3. F

    How should I wire up the Ignition Coil ?

    Hey guys, I got here a 124cc pit bike engine. I got it with separated ignition coil. My problem is, that I don't know how to wire the ignition coil to the cables coming out of the engine. Can you help me? Thanks
  4. my67xr

    Daytona 190 FLX, now with lighting/charge coil

    i was just browsing the net and found this version of the Daytona 190, the FLX looks like it's got a lighting coil now to suit road ridden bikes Daytona Anima 190cc FLX Engine they sell the Daytona needle for the PE28 if anyone is having trouble finding one 46-JFQ NEEDLE
  5. my67xr

    Testing your pit bikes' electrics, Stator Magneto, Source coil, Pulse coil, regulator / rectifier

    i thought i'd make up a thread with some pictures of a few common Stators and list the Ohms readings if anyone needs to check theirs. i'll add some other stators when i get a chance next, and some ignition coils too Lifan 125 type stator and flywheel. the black coil to the left is the Source...
  6. P

    Friends pitbike wont spark

    So i whent over to my mates house yesterday and he had a pitbike sitting there he said he hadnt ridden it in almost a year cause it wasnt working so i ofered to fix it for him pulled the carb apart cleaned everything pushed it to the petrol station started 3rd kick but the next day we tried...