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  1. Bilco512

    Lifan/chinese engine reliability question

    hey guys! i have a ct110 post bike and obviously its amazing, they are awesome bikes and are super fun riding around with other mates who have them, and obviously being a 110 they are slow as hell! ive seen a thousand guys transplant the engine with a lifan or other equivalent chinese...
  2. zwebx

    Postie, and the fast 50 class..

    I think the rules state aslong as its a horizontal motor... i am fitting 14'' and 12'' knobbies with a little custom build i am planning.. would i be okay to compete with you guys in the fast 30 class?
  3. Towers

    Pit bike exhaust for '05 CT110 Posty???????

    Lookin for an exhaust my outer diameter is 32mm but whats the differnce between exhausts made for KLX style and CRF style? Also the intake on my carb is 22mm are there any bigger carbs i could put on with out changing manifold? Thanks
  4. N

    Should i register my ct110? or sell?

    Hey all! I have been pondering on this one for YEARS!!! and i cant make up my mind! we have had this postie bike for the last few years just sitting around, only being used for fun and games. everything is fine on it, lights work, chain n sprockets are good, its maintained well.. but i...