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  1. GreefClothing

    Labour Day Weekend 2014 - Beach, Beers & Fifties

    Labour Day weekend 2014, we decided to grab a few mates with fifties, find a random spot around Minnie Water, NSW and have weekend of just racing mates, drinking a few ales and hanging at the beach... Here's a little edit from the weekend. Anyone else have some footage from some backyard mini...
  2. B

    FOR SALE CRF50 Race Bike Takagawa 124cc DOHC BBR Perimeter Frame Marzocchi 35mm Forks

    ITEM: CRF50 Race Bike Takagawa 124cc DOHC BBR Perimeter Frame Marzocchi 35mm Forks CONDITION: LIKE NEW LOCATION: Yorba Linda, CA, USA REASON FOR SELLING: To pay for an adoption PRICE AND CONDITIONS: $3,499.00 OFFERS ACCEPTED!!! I custom built this bike from scratch and it...
  3. M

    Help Please, could someone measure from the ground up to their swing arm bolt for me ?

    PLEASE HELP can someone please measure from the ground to the swing arm bolt and tell me the measurement need to be 12 inch rims on the back thanks a lot
  4. mini mullisha

    Phoenix Creek Jnr Minibike park, QLD

    Went and checked this place out other day , bit more kid/ family place but had 1 sweet section on bigger track <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> and heres a couple laps of it ...
  5. S

    Modding 2014 Honda CRF50 mini bike

    Hey guys i'm new here, i'm just wanting to share my build as i've just brought a CRF50 a few days ago. it's completely stock, and i'm wanting to do the basics of h/d fork springs, rear shock, bar kit, exhaust and pegs . i'm hoping that will make my bike a bit more fun.. what do you guys...
  6. tomy251

    FINALLY!!! Got a CRF!!!

    Ahh...the Saga has Broken :)haha...FINALLLY Went up to Sydney Yestuday to Pick Up My NEW MINI!!! 2006 CRF88Lim!!! -Takegawa 88 Kit -Takegawa Heavy Duty Auto Clutch -Five O Pipe -Sik 50s (Billetware) Cradle Mount Frame -Sik 50s +2 Swingarm -BBR SP-5 Forks and Triple Clamps -Ishock with...