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  1. my67xr

    Daytona / Lifan 150 Adjustable Outer Rotor Stator conversion to Z155Ho, Z160Ho etc

    i thought i'd make a thread for anyone wanting to convert their Ignition's to the Daytona / Lifan 150 Adjustable Outer Rotor set up on Zongshens etc this is the basic Outer Rotor kit to suit a Daytona 150 / 190 or Lifan 150 that you'll need to do the conversion. or you can buy the more...
  2. xLOCOx

    Fork delema!

    gday lasses and lads i want to dump out the old "liquid" out of the forks but (theres always a but) im having trouble getting into them pulled one out of their clamp and tried for about 10mins busting my gut on the topend!! -__- so i figured i could open em from the bottom end i got that end...
  3. P

    splitfire lead

    Does anyone no if this will work and any idea how I install it Has anyone got this that can help me out thanks Is that rite just unscrew the plug boot and join it there Is that it
  4. A


    hey guys im fixing up this 125cc 2007 model ???? i have a new motor for it im going to put in but need to know what model it could be so i can order some new parts such as seat chain n a few other little bits please can some 1 help me outtt
  5. P

    HOW TO: replacing wheel bearings

    i had a quick look and couldnt find any specific thread on wheel bearing replacement i found if you dont have the right technique for this like anything an easy job becomes difficult you only need a few things to do this a couple of different sized flat head screw drivers, a hammer or some...
  6. Defective

    Suspension Basics - Setup and Troubleshooting guide

    I was reading a thread on here discussing linkage and non linkage suspension setups on both pit bikes and the 2011 KTM's so I clicked on a couple links to read more about it when I came across this suspension tuning and troubleshooting guide. It was written for/by WP suspension but the same...
  7. sean01

    Pit Bike Repair/Parts Manuals / Exploded views

    Ok this seems to be happening a lot lately. Many users are asking for manuals and exploded views of engines. And since pbk inspired me lol, i thought id start a thread so we can list all the engines manuals and what not.. I've included some of the wiring diagrams, carby and suspension manuals...