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  1. atomik140rocket

    Frankston today?

    Just want to know if anyone is heading out to Frankston today ? im keen to thrash my new reign bigfoot 150. Its definately open according to their Facebook page.
  2. xLOCOx

    Bling... Need some lol

    Hey guys and girls... I'm looking some cheap bling ie: brake lever and gear lever I'm looking at a 11mm spline gear lever to go on a yx160....??? Manly red anodized.. Saw a red gear lever on eBay in China for 17 bucks.. Any suggestions? Also wanna get rid of the flimsy brake lever.... Cheers loco
  3. R

    Atomik 125cc Reign

    Hey guys, before i start i just want to let you know i know next to nothing about motorbikes so bare with me. I bought an atomik reign 125 pretty recently just to muck around on and it idles fine when im in neutral but once i go into gear the bike always moves like i can't be in first gear an...
  4. xLOCOx

    play in my throttle?? AHAH this title :P

    ok, so my throttle housing is stock...its been bashed on and on..... one of the screws has had its "teeth" as such to fit a phillips head.. RUINED so I cant get into the housing.... :S lets say i twist the throttle... it feels like there is a TONNE of slack... ??? btw i dont have the bike...
  5. xLOCOx

    Head stem that I got off mr roost666

    Hey guys and girls... My headstem seems to have more lock then the previous one.. I spoke to my mate, he's a motorbike specialist by trade, he reckons it's the stoppers, how will I make it stop earlier ..... Any help would be sweet cheers loco Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. xLOCOx

    :( pain in the bum Stator, charging/lighting coil!!

    ive got another thread related to a rec reg setup..... gday lads and laddies so i put the coil on.. which was supplied by my67xr.. thanks again . anyway my new coil is generating 3.5V and i was thinking i need...
  7. S

    Atomik Bigfoot question

    Hi, I am going to buy an atomik reign bigfoot, and when i get it I will be wanting to do some jumps on it. So i was wondering will i have to: a) Keep the stock forks and change the fork oil/ rear shock oil? b) buy whole new forks (probs DNM or fast ace)? c) buy whole new forks AND a new rear...
  8. R

    *OFFICIAL* Atomik Reign Bigfoot owners club

    Here is a place where owners of these little nuggets can get together and share knowledge of these little weapons. If you have one tell us what it is, how much you got it for, how you have it set up, any issues you have found along the way, photos, get the idea!
  9. R

    Suspension Upgrade

    I just bought the 2011 model 160cc Atomik Reign Bigfoot. I am going to replace to stock forks, shocks and handlebars too give it some extra strength. I am looking at Pro Taper bars and DNM suspension, but dont know exactly what to go for? Any suggestions? What other upgrades would you guys...
  10. awesim ryder

    what can i do to give my bike more performance?

    i have a new atomik region 140 bigfoot with a lifan oil cooled engine. i am just wondering what are some things i can do to improve performance? i do not want to spend more than $300 as i do not ride it that much. oh and i know its an atomik so please can i have no one saying just get a new bike...
  11. Matt_08

    The New atomik 150

    Hey guys, i was just looking round on Ebay and i saw this new pitty by atomik. Looks pretty decent and very much like the pitpro140xr. Just wanted to see what you think. Heres a link to it - NEW 2008 REIGN 150cc PIT DIRT BIKE MOTOR THUMPSTAR - eBay Other Trail Bikes, Trail Bikes, Motorcycles...