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  1. BennyG

    Inner Rotor Kit......HELP

    Hi all, The next upgrade I plan to do to my Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pit bike is to install an inner rotor kit. I know little to nothing about them other then what youtube has taught me. Has anyone installed one on their 125 before? Can anyone recommend a good kit to buy? Is it worth it?! Any...
  2. S

    Terramoto 125cc stator .

    hello everyone i have a terra 125cc with a lifan motor the outta rotor (flywheel) pickup? has broken due to the chain coming off and hitting it. would you recommend to replace with a OE part or get a irk off ebay. do they really work or just a waste of time and more stain or the motor. Inner...
  3. Rizzo97

    Will riding without brake pads damage anything?

    Pretty keen on goin for a strap, but I am waiting on my local bike shop to get some more brake pads in and they have the originals, would just take the brakes (rear) off but it's partof the spacers and I would need a longer spacer for the rotor side which I don't have, so will I damage the rotor...
  4. Rizzo97

    Inner rotor kit!? Opinions

    Anyone out there already installed one of these ? And r they any good :)
  5. the50king

    HELP: wiring up outer rotor kit

    HELP i need help wiring up my out rotor kit i just bought, didnt come with a diagram or anything so im stuck doing it by my self anyone know what wires go where??? Racing Out Rotor Kit, Adjust Timing, Semi-Digi CDI, Harness
  6. the50king

    Inner Rotor /Out Roter kits??

    I was riden my dhz125 and the chain came off, it cracked the magneto case and broke the magneto so i was thinking about putting a Rotor kit on it i've heard the inner ones will blow ya bike up pretty quick and i've heard the Out Rotor kits are a bit better. I dont know the difference between...