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  1. Thompson

    Please help with timing. 155ho with new v2 race head.

    I really need some help with my new pitster pro lxr. It has a aftermarket 155ho crate engine and a new v2 race head. When I took off the stock head I didn't set my cam sprocket or flywheel to tdc. I have spent hours searching on line for any information I can find. I set my flywheel to tdc and...
  2. Rizzo97

    Atomik nitrous 150 details?

    Just wondering about the details of this bike that I can't find. Like axles sizes, spline size for front sprocket and any other usefull info about the bikes that isn't on the atomik site of eBay Thanks in advance
  3. Biff80

    Pit Pro PP50 Rear Sprocket

    Hi there, can anyone tell me what size rear sprocket needs to go on a PP 50?
  4. jimbo jones

    Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal

    My Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal is leaking it's not a big deal to change but I can be stuffed if I can find one for sale on eBay or net anywhere. So where do you guys buy your seals from?
  5. D

    Hope I don't sound stupid asking this question

    I am wondering what I need to do to my bike to extend my revs out when I'm riding as they don't seem to rev out very much, I ride a pitster pro x4r 160cc,if I change my sprocket will it improve anything or no point,just needing advice please
  6. M

    What size bike is this?

    I just picked this bike up for $50 it needed a front sprocket and chain and the swingarm bushings were shot but the engine runs and sounds great. I'm trying to figure out what size and make the engine is the serial is 139FMA. Also what size front sprocket should be put on this? The rear is a 37...
  7. W

    How do I remove this sprocket?

    I have a mini bike but I have no idea how to remove my front sprocket. I'm tinkering around because I'm new to this and mini bike currently is a pos haha I watch video but they all have a nut to remove to get the sprocket off. I don't see any nuts to remove.... Here's a photo
  8. dynamicgs

    Gearing and Sprockets...

    Hi, Ive come to the conclusion the gearing on my YX160 Mid Size is annoying me, so I want to know what some of you guys run with... I currently have a 16t Front and a 41t rear Im finding second is just too high, and 3rd gear is just too low for the tracks I am riding.. Cant decide if I...
  9. B

    ssr pitbike rear sprocket question

    :handshake:Just put together my new SSR-110semi pitbike and it seems great so far. Buttttttttt.....while doing a pre-delivery chain adjustment I noticed that while rotating the rear wheel the chain would go slack and then tight then slack again. I suspect a bad rear sprocket because it is in...