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fackle.. guess there's no deadline then lol my build is still goin.. soo, hopefully I make August :)

I should be a real contender with all the "Fixens" I'm puttin on my Pitty! haha sum custom stuff 2 \m/ :D \m/

its a Monstery Energy Theme bike as well! so it'll probably be love it or hate it lol but who knows, right!?
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rotn50s only child

Alloy frame
AS-01 fronts
DNM MT-RC 1000lbs rear
CHP super coil
OKO 26mm
XR50 pro tapers




Dont expect any votes, but finally got the old girl in............:action-smiley-033:
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heres mine.

2012 crf50
pro taper bar kit
hd springs f+r
nobby tires
dr.d exhuast
race cdi
new red plastics
gieco racing graphics for looks

nothing to special coz all my spare coin goes to my hilux rock crawler, but 88cc soon and frame brace, +1 swingarm and forks

bbr 106 stroker kit
mikui 26mm carb
bbr seat
read barron swingarm
billitware frame
fast 50 billet wheels
bbr e6 forks
fox float
red barron bars
boyesen fly wheel cover
fmf 4.1 pipe
ahp brake lever
bbr pegs and mount

cant think what else :cheeky-smiley-031:


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Thats bombed mate. I like it well done mate
Well iv still got heaps to do and i havent done any performance mods yet but what the hec

2012 Motovert 160 Type R

Holeshot Hero Graphics Kit
Tag Metals "zebra's" Fatbars
Anodized Blue Road Bike Bar Ends Machined To Fit
ODI Grips
RHK Donuts
Fast 50's Carbon Stator Cover
TWH Fuel Hose Blue
Grenade Dust Caps Anodized Blue
Magnetic Sump Plug Anodized Blue
Pitster Pro Dress Up Kit
Pro-Bolt Race Bolts Anodized Blue
KTC - Kitaco Racing Coil







yeh thats a sick bike are these taken after it went in the big puddle lol sick bike man justins sticker kits look sweet as
Here's my toy!!

2008 CRF70

108cc Honda bottom end
4 spd Taky close ratio gearbox
Taky heavy duty clutch
Taky oil pump
Kitaco stroker crank, knife edged, machining marks removed and polished
Kitaco barrel with Taky high compression R stage piston, lightly modified for valve clearance
R stage head, ported and flowed by powerflow heads
New valves with 3 angle valve cut
Taky valve springs with titanium retainers
Modified cam sprocket with Kitaco cam chain
Biggest cam Terry would sell me :eek:
Mikuni 24mm carb (about to swap to Keihin 26mm or Mikuni TM 24 flat slide)
Kitaco super coil
Taky ignition and box
Sano exhaust
Red Baron peg mount and pegs
BBR front fork springs and dampening rods
Billetware +2 swinger
Ohlins shock
Heavy duty spokes front and rear
Dunlop MX51 tyres
Stunt 50 rear handbrake kit
Red baron fuel cap, dress up kit, FiveO cam cover
Moose rear sprocket, rental front and Carbon speed cover
Full custom Chad Reed MXoN graphics kit from the guys at Ubermoto







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