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  1. J

    Yamaha Chappy LB50 cable question

    So I have a 1979 Yamaha LB50. Looks like the previous guy tried to strip it down and left all the wires, cables, and hoses off. The fuel hoses I can figure out. Pretty sure I can also figure out the electrical wiring. The cables, though, have me stumped. On Ebay, I can buy a "Throttle" cable...
  2. S

    79 Yamaha gt80 issues

    Alright guys I have a 79 Yamaha GT80 that me and my son are in the process of restoring but we've run into an unexpected issue. It seems as though the kick start idler gear shaft has broken inside the case. It has enough shaft left on it to stay put somewhat but still has quite a bit of movement...
  3. N

    1978 Yamaha GT80 Frame C/W Compliance Plate

    WANTED: 1978 Yamaha GT80 Frame C/W compliance plate CONDITION: Minimal rust and good condition paint work PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Seeing the condition I will make and offer LOCATION: East Maitland NSW EXTRA INFORMATION: Must have compliance plate, I want to register this bike...
  4. E

    Help with Lifan Engine!

  5. B

    1993 Yamaha DT175

    hey guys, just bought a 1993 yamaha dt175 anyone know much about these bikes, paid $850 still as 2 months rego and runs fine. could do with some paint maybe will post pics soon
  6. velociraptor

    1999 Suzuki DS80X

    Built up engines for someone who liked to abuse the hell out of em and ended up doing a lot of repair work for him(crashing, ovverevving in 1st, low oil or no oil in gas, list goes on) in the end he had bought a badly beaten up. Ds80 for 800 dollars not running no fenders no airbox bent forks...
  7. davedynamite

    Yamaha Chappy LB80 engine swap ► Lifan 125

    Anyone have pics or any helpful info about motor mounts and/or electrical hookupo for this mod? I have a Lifan on its way and am preparing to remove my motor and modify the frame, fit it, and get her painted...any help would be appreciated...thanks...
  8. timeeh

    FOTM May/Jun 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH May/Jun 2014 So Let's Get It Underway! Vote Now For Your Favorite FOTM For May/Jun 2014 Miniriders Admin and Mod Team Wish The Best Of Luck To All The Entrants <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align...
  9. Q

    Yamaha 1993 DT175 Jetting??

    Bought a 1993 DT175 for $500, it runs and it rides (rough) so I figure not a bad deal. Most of the important bits are there and working its just that everything needs some TLC. I plan on doing a full strip (minus bottom end if I can help it) and rebuilding it right At the moment i'm tackling...
  10. S

    What was the first bike in your family?

    So I thought I would go through some history with you guys cause. My story pretty much is I wasnt allowed to own motorbikes as a kid, now im old and crusty I can. My Grandpa on mums side bought one of these beasts in 1929 (took a year back then for the new models to make it here on a ship)....I...
  11. R

    Yamaha GT80

    Not sure if I got the right area or not, apologies if I haven't. Wife finally convinced her parents to give us her old bike from when she was a kid. It's an old 1974 Yamaha GT80. Not running. Know there's a piston issue and one of the bolts holding the carby (I think{it's the part over the...
  12. Y

    Yz80 / 125cc lifan carby need help

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum stuff. Was just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have just bought a 125cc electric start lifan engine for my atc70 and I want to use a 1982 Yamaha yz80 carby, can I just put it on and tune it with the 2 stroke jets or do I need different jets?
  13. D

    Is this cylinder wall okay?

    Hi guys, I think this is in the right section, please excuse if it's not. I'm still learning the ropes and I wasn't sure if this amount of scoring is something to be worried about? I'm kinda getting the worst of it in these pics, everywhere else seems quite nice in comparison. the crap...
  14. B

    Yamaha banshee crank

    Heyy everyone I have a Yamaha banshee 350 twin 2 stroke quad bike and recently the crank bearings have stuffed up anyways I haven't been able to find anywhere around Brisbane that splits the banshee crank because the crank has 2 conrods on the crank. Has anyone else from around Brisbane ever...
  15. 8r3nd0

    Mini Magazine check it out.

  16. B


    Here the video of the 1986 Yamaha Pw-50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzG9FQhOeLU
  17. my67xr

    Fifty of the Year - 2013

    * FOTY 2013 * Fifty of the Year It's that time of the year again guys and girls there's been so many high quality builds It's sure going to be a close one. choose from Japanese or Chinese, Bling or Grunt, CRF, KLX, LXR/TTR, Mini or Mid Size due to there being only 4 bikes, we...
  18. timeeh

    FOTM Oct/Nov 2013

    <div style="float:left; margin-left:15px;color:#B50203;font-weight:900;font-size: 18px; padding:5px 0px 40px 0px; ">"The last Fifty of the Month for 2013 is now up! Some awesome rides this month, get your votes in... ... and good luck to all who entered" cheers from, the Mod Team</div>...
  19. R

    Yamaha PW50

    Hi all, This is my PW50 that I fixed up and got going. I know it's only a peewee and it's only for a bit of fun. I got it off my cousins because they were making room in there shed and were throwing it out so I took it :) I put it in the back of my tiny hatch back and brought it 300kms home...
  20. timeeh

    FOTM Entry: August/September 2013

    Hey guys, once again it is time for the FOTM! (better late than never) NOW for the August/September 2013 competition. Simply ENTER HERE for a chance at the Fifty of the Month title and a shot at the reputable Fifty of the Year!!! *** Simply post your best picture of the bike and a...