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Nov 5, 2010
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Cantberra, AUS
Hey guys, once again it is time for the FOTM! (better late than never)

NOW for the August/September 2013 competition. Simply ENTER HERE for a chance at the Fifty of the Month title and a shot at the reputable Fifty of the Year!!!

*** Simply post your best picture of the bike and a relatively modest list of specs ***

1. Cordogs: DPro 160
2. Brendo: 10" 150
3. Sikko: PSTO 160
4. Rodney: Ciniworx Expert
5. Swapper: mod CRF 50
6. Goose: RV90
7. Rickstar: Fury 125
8. Mealygrub: XTM 110
9. SRT25: DHZ Outlaw
10. Chronic: DS80

As usual Poll starts as soon as the 10 bikes are in. Good luck to all!!!

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Thank you Tim Cant wait to see this months line up the bikes are getting better and better !

Mr Phil you better be putting ur bike in mate !
il put my p.o.s in.. an see how i go
Alrighty I'll kick it of with Murray! My adopted Dpro 160 I decided to throw my spare parts at.
Mod list is continuing with the steady upgrade of Betsy!



Kenda tyres
Alloy swingarm (heavy duty)
Pro taper grips
Billet 1/4 turn throttle
Foldable levers
Upgraded chain
Alloy fuel cap and breather
Copper style brake pads
26mm Oko carburettor
Sealed big bore exhaust re-packed baffle
and new gasket
Extended gear lever
Extended rear guard (thanks Rotn50)
Custom sticker kit and rim tape. (thanks Brendo)
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Ill throw one in with Corey to get the ball rolling some more.
Brendo's 150 10inch build.




Yx150 engine
26mm oko + unifilter + 1/4 throttle
Custom dual cooler + stainless braided lines
FMF carbon 4.1 exhaust
Takegawa hyper coil + Ngk lead + iridium plug
Custom Topline seat cover
Sik 50s dress up
Gpx triple clamps
Protaper bars + grips
Asv copy levers
Dnm adjustable rear shock
Billet rear sprocket + pegs + brake
Forged kicker
Gold did chain
well dont think il be putting my bike up this
Come on mate don't be shy.
Do you really think I've got a hope in hell against these juggernauts? Hell I think Brendo's will probably get my vote! :)
if my bike saw brendos it would just fall apart in shame... il try get a pic up here today.. brendos would get my vote but i have a real disliking for 10
haha, yeah mate, the worst that can happen is you dont win. i mean its just all a bit o fun :) good luck, and i hope to see it there!
Yeah lad like blender said get it in there, these comps are about fun and sharing your pride and joy/joys no harm done. **** anyone could win.
Post them up guys and girls anything/anyone just get em in and get the comp started or otherwise there won't be comps in the future.


Was originally a PSTO TL140
-pitster pro graphics
-z160ho motor
-TB V2 head
-Takegawa S25 decomp camshaft
-TB High Comp Piston
-LXR Exhaust
-D.I.D chain
-Billet clutch lever
08 Ciniworx CNC Expert
Was YX140 when new now has a YX150.
Dirtmax YX150 with a Tbolt 170 Big Bore Kit
Port and Polished Head, Dirtmax Hi Lift Cam,
Stronger Valve Springs, Big Bore Exhaust,
H/Duty Clutch Plates and Springs,
Larger Oil Cooler, NGK Race Coil and Lead,
NGK CR7HIX Iridium Plug, 1/4 Turn Throttle,
26mm Molkt Carby and Uni-Filter,
DID Gold Chain,
Fastace BF01AR Fully Adjustable Rear Shock, CNC Billet Swingarm,
Fastace AS-02 Fully Adjustable Forks,
Dunlop Tyres Front and Rear.
AMR Racing Graphix Las Vegas Design.
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Arghh after todays ride I need to wash mine first.
Arghh after todays ride I need to wash mine first.

yeah make sure you put it up mate i cant vote you in if you don't can i !

Im gonna call Mario in the morning and ill let you know how i go bud

I'll throw mine up, seeing as though I have some fresh photos of it.
Specs :
35mm Zokes
Galfer Rotor
Carbon Front number plate
Renthal bars
Billetware frame
CRF 50 bottom end w/ trick Daytona 110 top end
Fastway pegs
CHP exhaust
+4 Sik50's swingarm
Elka shock
Renthal sprockets
RK 420MXZ gold chain
BBR chain guide
Fresh Pirelli Mid/Soft 32 Rubber
custom designed graphics and seat cover

Thing is an absolute blast to ride !!
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I'll throw mine up, seeing as though I have some fresh photos of it.
Specs : 35mm Zokes, Galfer Rotor, Renthal bars, Billetware frame, CRF 50 bottom end w/ trick Daytona 110 top end, Fastway pegs, CHP exhaust, +4 Sik50's swingarm, Elka shock, Renthal sprockets, RK 420MXZ gold chain, BBR chain guide, Fresh Pirelli Mid/Soft 32 Rubber, and my custom designed graphics and seat cover.

Thing is an absolute blast to ride !!

Wham bam thank you mam, and the trophy goes too. Gets my vote, although the custom graphics on Cordogs bike are screaming awesomeness.
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