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    Buying new bike.. Whats your thoughts?

    No worries mate. Have you seen the new BIGY by Ycf I havent seen one in person but they look like a solid unit. I dunno if Ycf would 100% cover it as the only reason they crack if from not kick starting them correctly. So they may come back and say it was from improper starting technique. As...
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    Buying new bike.. Whats your thoughts?

    Hey mate. I'd be sticking with the Motovert to be honest. The DHZ was based off of the Pitster Pro LXR which is the original bike that nearly everyone has copied. The Type R is built by Psto which is essentially Pitster pro(They come out of the same factory). Also being that your Type R is the...
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    genuine thumpstar 124cc (50-style frame) stalling issues

    Hey mate. You should be able to get a small Phillips bit with either a small shifter or a spanner to adjust the mixture screw. Some tyre places can fill the piggy back chamber up for you with nitrogen. Air does work but isnt really recommended.
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    Braaap in hot water

    Those triangle jumps where awesome haha.
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    Braaap/ycf 10" 88 build

    Looks killer man. I swear you have a fetish with expensive bolts haha $140 for 12 bolts damn haha.
  6. Snaptrax

    Braaap/ycf 10" 88 build

    Hurry up and get this thing finished dammit i wanna go for a ride soon haha.
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    Where to buy riding gear online...

    I got all my stuff from Amx. They had a really good sale on Dririder gear and Draggin jeans. Got both for around $450.
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    aftermarket exhaust for pitpro typer

    Dont think that will fit mate as its designed for a Klx110 frame.
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    Good places in vic to ride minis

    Ride park is good for a easy ride but you can also ride quick. Park4mx is my choice for jumps. Frankston is expensive but used to be one of the best mini tracks in vic for mid size.
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    140 psto.

    Hey mate, The Pstos and Lxrs come out of the same factory basically 90% of the parts are the same as the Lxr parts. The frame is different although same as the Motovert Type R. Personally i would wait and get a Lxr or a Motovert Type R. That way youll get the alloy swinger, Dnm rear shock, Gpx...
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    How good are the Braaap 150s

    The elkas on that model only have rebound adjustment so there is only the one on it. You could also loosen off the spring to make it softer.
  12. Snaptrax

    How good are the Braaap 150s

    10/10 chuck a Oko 26 on it mate. Or a 28mm if youre going with a TbV2 head in the near future. The company is ok, the people that work there ehhhh nah.
  13. Snaptrax

    Exhaust for 140cc

    He will need a crf bend but a klx style so it fits the frame. The Crf50 style pipes are too short and dont fit properly.
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    How good are the Braaap 150s

    Hahaha yet another thing that Braaap's "amazing mechanics" can do. I walked into Braaap asking for a chain and for them to fit it as i wasnt close to home or had a chain breaker. Kid walks off. Comes back a couple mins later and he says oh sorry our mechanic has taken his box of tools home.
  15. Snaptrax

    Ngk lead/Takegawa coil?

    I did the same thing Stu used a taki coil and a Splitfire lead. Youll need to unscrew the old lead off of the coil mate.