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  1. S

    PitPro 150 bigfoot build/dismantle

    Well I did it again. Picked up another bike cause I wanted to get a 150...So I got this. Was pretty damn cheap at $300, has a DNM rear shock fully adjustable and rebound adjustable forks. 150yx and pretty clean generally. Needs a new seat and new rear fender besides that its just a bit of...
  2. xLOCOx

    Head stem that I got off mr roost666

    Hey guys and girls... My headstem seems to have more lock then the previous one.. I spoke to my mate, he's a motorbike specialist by trade, he reckons it's the stoppers, how will I make it stop earlier ..... Any help would be sweet cheers loco Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. xLOCOx

    :( pain in the bum Stator, charging/lighting coil!!

    ive got another thread related to a rec reg setup..... gday lads and laddies so i put the coil on.. which was supplied by my67xr.. thanks again . anyway my new coil is generating 3.5V and i was thinking i need...
  4. T

    Pit Pro 140XR

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows much about this bike. Is it built well and will it be able to jump without breaking?? This is going to be my first bike so i want it to be a good but not to expensive one. Pitpro 140XR | PitPro Dirt Bikes Australia's Largest Online Pitbike Store Thanks
  5. awesim ryder

    what can i do to give my bike more performance?

    i have a new atomik region 140 bigfoot with a lifan oil cooled engine. i am just wondering what are some things i can do to improve performance? i do not want to spend more than $300 as i do not ride it that much. oh and i know its an atomik so please can i have no one saying just get a new bike...
  6. Dave.B

    extended swingarm

    has anyone experimented with extending there swingarm to fit a larger rear wheel say 18inch or so, or if any swingarms will fit the pit bike frame. I know its not classed as a mini but my bike is a 17/14 anyhow so doesnt matter, sick of the cheap replacements and would rather just buy some...
  7. W84ME

    Bigger rear sproket for Atomik pro x

    Hi. I have recently purchased an Atomik pro x 140 Bigfoot and am after a bigger rear sprocket. I'm having trouble finding something that will match, I rang Atomik and they said that the sprockets only come in one size (37 tooth) and that they only stock factory parts. I have tried a couple of...
  8. H

    atomik bigfoot

    definately gonna purchase this bewdy finally a mid range bike, i have the 70cc atomik and shes never let me down. good idea or should i wait? NEW ATOMIK PROX BIGFOOT 140CC PIT DIRT TRAIL MOTOR BIKE - eBay Other Trail Bikes, Trail Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time...