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  1. Devin DeMarco

    new to the 110 world (crf110)

    Hi all! I’ve been in the 50 game for around 15+ years and never got huge into it, but did the simple mods like 88 kit, skid plate, pipe, +2 swinger and some bigger suspension. But seeing everyone with a 110 seems to be (or has been) the new craze. My 50 has been siting for the last 5-8 years...
  2. M

    Is this bike priced fairly?

    I was told that this bike turns over but needs some wiring and a new brake cable, would this be a good deal or no? I do not know much about bikes.
  3. L

    what bike is this?

    hey guys I bought this 250 china bike at the wreckers today for 50 bucks, would anyone know what type it is ?? also is it fixable?? or have I wasted 50 :( engine is seized but maybe I could open it up and and fix it ? looks to me like its been sitting for ages and maybe with a bit of...
  4. T

    Carby flooding randomly

    Hey mini crew, Bike: Dhz 160 Engine: z155 Carby: Stock (mikuni 22mm i think) Problem: Bike idles and runs fine 90% of the time. If I snap the throttle it seems to flood the carby and not clear itself out. Example: Cruising along everything is fine, missed a gear and accidently revved...
  5. criggs

    Roketa 125cc Pit Bike Clutch problem

    Hey guys. I recently purchased a cheap (admittedly beaten up a bit) used 2005 Roketa 125cc pit bike from someone on craigslist. Allegedly the only thing wrong with it was a stripped kickstarter, but I was told that it could be push-started and would run like a champ. 100 bucks, figured I'd...
  6. B

    Pit bike gas switch leak HELP

    Hi i have an apollo 007 dirt bike that is leaking for the gas swicth it self any ideas on how to stop that leaking.
  7. L

    pit bike 125 problems.

    [SIZE=5]hey, I have a crossfire cf125 pit bike. am having trouble with carby, bike was dying when opening throttle, I cleaned carby (was filthy) pilot jet was blocked. Now bike does not die as bad as before but its still doing it a bit. Also when bike is idleing if i put the choke on it wont...
  8. J

    Chain opinions

    Need some info on wat type of chain the o ring type or just the normal type the bike 00 yamaha 426f
  9. J

    Pit Bike Issues

    Hi Guys, im new here (Will introduce myself). I recently purchased a 150cc Pit Bike (Chinese im assuming). Got the bike for next to nothing due to it needing some work. According to the seller, the bike needed oil ring because of the smoke and clutch lever. I replaced the clutch lever to test...
  10. TunZoFun

    New to forum, Greetings

    Hi peoples, My name is Dane, i'm a butcher, bike rider and metalhead \m/ after having my genuine thumpstar stolen years ago (western sydney) i never thought i'd get another one until i scored myself a 2007 Terra-Moto Pro recently for $400, fully serviced. then i scored a 2010 DHZ 160r outlaw...
  11. B

    Does anyone know what kind of bike this is? Any help thanks

    Help? Thanks for your help.
  12. P

    black label forks

    Hi guys, I have purchased a set of GPX Black Label Front forks 660mm. I want to fit them to my bike. It's an older crf50 copy frame (I believe). from my research it looks like the head stem bearings will not fit my frame, I haven't stripped my bike yet to measure O.D's of mine but sounds like...
  13. P

    Is this bike worth the buy?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a pitbike. I have narrowed it down to one bike in the end. @ I don't know much about pit bikes, This is my first bike. So is this bike durable? easy to find parts? Can i find different fairngs...
  14. china911

    ycf braaap 190 v yamaha yz 125 /scalvini pipe

    struggling a bit in the sand with 12/14 wheels set up . Didnt really get the bike running great with the new pipe . It was hot and dusty, bit to much for the yz in the end .
  15. mason2race

    M2R YX140 ( w/ Molkt carb ) PROBLEMS!!

    Hi mini riders I have got some problems with my brand New pit bike from in the uk. Bike came already built up(PDI) btw! So, first & foremost before first engine start removed the plug out(Denso...btw) was sooty black!! Banged in a fresh NGK cr7hsa plug ..then continued to...
  16. J

    Help with Running temp on a yz426f

    Just wondering if anyone would know wat temperature a yz426 would run at only had the bike a month an the last couple times of riding the bike when I've stopped I've notice water coming out from the over flow hose after switching the bike off the bike this has only been happening since i done a...
  17. Z

    Need help tuning walbro carby on small 2 stoke engine

    hey everyone, ive got one of those motorised mountain bike setups with a pretty decent engine and a chainsaw diaphram type carby as its better than the float bowl carbs you can buy for them( i think its a walbro, with low and high jet screws) and before you laugh cos of my silly bike, i have 2...
  18. J

    Motovert RX build

    hey guys, I have recently acquired a 08 motovert RX. It began life as a 50cc, but the previous owner put the 110cc lifan into it. The whole bike has 740ks but the 110 was put in less that 100 ago. When I got the bike the whole engine was really loose so I needed to find some bolts and It...
  19. James.

    Selling 125 Provert

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 125cc Provert Pit Bike, good condition. Gets alot of work done after every ride (oil changes, carby cleans, fuel lines replaced etc etc) -Provert Frame -T4 Pro circuit -12/14 wheels -Braaap fairings -Fast Ace shocker -Protaper Bars -Progrip grips -ASV levers...
  20. roostyamates

    can anyone ID this bike ?

    hey guys just wondering if anyone can idea this bike.. bloke selling it reckons its a 125 braaap.. the vin number is LJYYLJLX550600313 i have more pics if needed