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  1. R

    High Performance CDI for Apollo RFZ X18???

    I just bought a brand new Apollo RFZ X18 and I've done a lot of research on things to check/replace before riding. One thing I noticed was that most people that install a Mikuni carb also upgrade their CDI. My issue is that my bike's wiring harness that plugs into the CDI has only 5 wires, 2...
  2. A

    2008 suzuki drz 70 random cdi questions

    Hello I'm new to the forum so I would like to start out by saying hello and thank you for any help or info. My question is I have a 2008 suzuki drz70 dirtbike I bought in 2012 from a buddy that rode it since it was new. When I bought the bike it had been sitting for about a year and a half...
  3. Y

    YX160 Wiring Troubles

    Hi Guys,:cool: I'm having problems with wiring my YX160 engine. It has five wires coming out of the flywheel , one (blue/white) ,(green), (black/red) and (two yellow wires). I am running a lifan 8 Pin CDI with four wires there are (yellow/red), (green/white), (black/red) and (pink)...
  4. G

    8 pin cdi to 6 pin stator.

    Trying too wire up my bike I have a zongchen 8 pin cdi (7 wires used) and Trying to go to a 6 pin stator. So far I know On stator. Yellow wire to reg (power lights) White wire to reg. green/red netural light I think. So I've got a green (earth?) Blue/white Black/red That I have...
  5. P

    Which Cdi, YX140 ?

    What's a good racing cdi for a yx 140?
  6. jimbo jones

    Replacement CDI and Coil for 125 Atomik

    Im going to replace my CDI and coil and wanted to know hat brand I should buy are the ebay one's any good? 125 cdi racing | eBay
  7. davedynamite

    Yamaha Chappy LB80 engine swap ► Lifan 125

    Anyone have pics or any helpful info about motor mounts and/or electrical hookupo for this mod? I have a Lifan on its way and am preparing to remove my motor and modify the frame, fit it, and get her painted...any help would be appreciated...thanks...
  8. T

    Atomik Link wiring, i'm doing my head in over it.

    Hi, i'm on the verge of thowing this bike over a cliff, i'm trying to get the wiring sorted for the elec start, but having no luck/ i can start it by bridging the posts on the solenoid with a screw driver, but need the start button working. I found a couple broken wires in the start...
  9. M

    Suzuki 97 RM125, I need help please

    Newbie here and I just purchased an 1997 RM 125 for my son and know noting about the bike or 2 strokes. Here is my issue... At take of the bike sounds as if it were missing but picks up speed but low on torque, and does this until i get to a certain RPM, and in second if I back off it does...
  10. R

    Lifan 125cc wiring

    Hi all. I got this second hand motor for my new project bike but the wiring looks strange to me. There is two sets of wires coming from the engine and I don't know what they do. I have looked around but can't find out exactly what they are and what they do and if I can just chop them out so...
  11. R

    Yamaha PW50 no spark, ignition ?

    Hi all. I'm having trouble with my peewee again. I got a new copy carbie and then went to start it and nothing , so I pulled the plug and there is no spark. It only recently had a new coil put on and a new plug but the plug has been in there when it was running super rich. I'm not running...
  12. motovert24

    Estart zongshen 110

    Hi guys, Having abit of trouble with my new 110 with starting. Me and dad got it wired up and it's making all the starting noises but just won't go, changed to carby to a 19mm as my 26 was leaking fuel everywhere. Also I can't find any Manuel's or wiring diagrams for this engine, does anyone...
  13. R

    PW50 running bad

    Hi all , My peewee is having trouble starting and takes a few kicks when it used to take just one. And when it starts to run, it dies and then you start it up and repeat that a few times and then it runs ok. And when you lift the back wheel up, it revs out and goes good. But when you ride it...
  14. mudskipper

    Recurring motovert pain

    As some of you may have spotted my Q'n'A threads regarding never ending dramas with my 160.:microwave: After many hours spent reading, adjusting, changing etc.. I got the bike to run mint. Would start first kick and even start first kick after stalling. Over the weekend I was chugging...
  15. H

    Pitpro 125 struggling after new stator plate! Hellp!!

    Hey guys, So my chain flew off on my lifan 125 and snapped the pulse sensor off. So I bought a new stator plate. It seemed to be exactly the same except the sensor was a tiny bit closer to the flywheel and I had to grind about half a mil off the 'nib' of flywheel so it wouldn't hit when it...
  16. T

    What type of stator does a 155 engine use?

    Do they use irk, ork, or a regular stator? I ask this because I was on pitbikeclub's website and I asked this question. They said that I can put a 155cc stator on 125cc engine to give my bike better throttle response.
  17. T

    Are there such things as a performance stator?

    Can you replace a stock bike with a new stator and because of that new stator it has better throttle response/acceleration? Like are there "performance" stators and flywheels? and I dont mean and ORK or IRK.
  18. rotn50

    Daytona Anima 150f rev limiter and ignition timing settings?

    So I did some reading of the 150f anima engine manual and came to the section where you have the different settings of the ignition timing and rev limiter, To those that are running these motors or those that have some insight or knowledge of this im wondering if you have heard what settings...
  19. S

    BBR Rev Box KLX/DRZ110

    ITEM AND CONDITION:BBR Rev Box CDI, fits 2003 - 2009 KLX/DRZ ONLY. New condition, thought it would work on a 2002 but it doesn't. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE:$50, this includes express postage. You can pay via paypal, bank transfer or cash if you pick it up. REASON FOR...
  20. GenuineThumpy

    Performance Magneto/Stator

    Hi guys New to the forum, have a problem with my genuine thumpstar engine, i recently replaced the stock magneto with one of those performance magnetos off ebay, but i cannot for the life of me get spark. ive replaced the coil, spark plug, and try every possible combination of wiring here...