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  1. Jonte

    Tb v2 head with stock cylinder

    I finally found a tb v2 head from Finland and it cost only 65€ :afro: I have been thinking that i'm gonna buy stock cylinder, so do i need to modify the piston for the v2 head? Is there any differences between yx 150cc and yx 160cc cylinders and pistons?
  2. Jonte

    170cc 4v vs 184cc 2v

    Hello! Which would be better and more powerfull? 170cc cylinder with chinese 4v head or tb 184cc cylinder with stock head. :p I have yx160cc gen3.
  3. B


    Hello, im new to this forum and sorta new to pit bikes (kinda) i'm 14 and bought my first pit bike 2 years ago however only ridden it 5 times due to not having a trailer to take it to a motocross track. (I've always relied on mates when they go)Its a Atomik Nitrous yx150 (Ive also got a second...
  4. Rizzo97

    Cracked cylinder. Rebuild or Upgrade cylinder?

    Got a crack in my brothers lifan 1p54 125cc cylider that leaks oil, how did this happen? Overheating because of prolonged lean condition that over hardened the metal causing it to crack rather than bend or warp?? Just don't want the same thing to happen to my lifan.. Probably n the verge of...
  5. DHXrider

    I need a YX160 Piranaha KLX style Head

    WANTED: 160cc PIRANA CYLINDER, CONDITION: NEW, PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Free, *****... ok maybe not free, but cheap... LOCATION:Gatineau Quebec Canada EXTRA INFORMATION: Stripped the FFFFFFFFFF.....holding the frick'n plug threads, got stuck in the bush when my...
  6. R

    Yamaha GT80

    Not sure if I got the right area or not, apologies if I haven't. Wife finally convinced her parents to give us her old bike from when she was a kid. It's an old 1974 Yamaha GT80. Not running. Know there's a piston issue and one of the bolts holding the carby (I think{it's the part over the...
  7. D

    Is this cylinder wall okay?

    Hi guys, I think this is in the right section, please excuse if it's not. I'm still learning the ropes and I wasn't sure if this amount of scoring is something to be worried about? I'm kinda getting the worst of it in these pics, everywhere else seems quite nice in comparison. the crap...
  8. LEO DPRO 037

    155z top end rebuild

    My bikes been blowing heaps of smoke and by a process of elimination ive put it down to piston rings. Is it possible to change to a 165 big bore kit without changing the head? is this a good or bad idea? Ive spent days and hours reading tutorials on and it seems too easy to...
  9. Carlts

    Does a GPX Head fit on a yx160

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a yx160 for my bro's build, and also looking at the possibilities of rebuilding it in the future with the spares I have. So in effect my question is: Will a GPX 155z/160ho Head, Cylinder & Piston, fit on a yx160 bottom end? If not, what would I have...
  10. M

    Master Cylinder leak??

    Hey guys Im brand new to th forum and would really appreciate any help, thanks!! Ok so to start off, I got a chinese pit bike for my girlfriend, problem was the brakes didnt work. The guy I got ti from said they just needed to be bled. Being a very gullible person, I just nodded said alright...