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  1. C

    Bought a Mini Now want to Pimp it, i need some help!

    I picked up some cheap Chinese mini from a garage sale for $100 AUD aswell as some other items i have now since sold so the minibike dosent owe me a cent, anyway i made atleast around $400 from the other items i sold so ive decided too put the cash into the bike for the annual end of year river...
  2. D

    Thumpstar TSX 140 back in UK on ebay

    Just seen these thumpstar TSX 140 on eBay I remember years ago it's thumpstar that made this scene they look great as well decent spec bikes
  3. S

    engine conversions

    has anyone on here ever done a zongshen 250cc engine conversion into any types of jap bikes ive been looking for honda xr200 frames but not much about on ebay just looking for ideas atm to put a good running engine into something that has strength even looking at ideas on old school dirtbikes
  4. motoluver

    New rx125, been out of the minibike game and need help

    Hey guys Ive been out of the pit bike game for around 4 years. I used to have a dhz140 and i bought a brand new RX50 in 2008 and put a lifan 140cc in it. Today i bought myself an immaculate motovert rx125 with 1000kms on the clock and completely original besides the mirrors, still has...
  5. DHXrider

    Damn Exhaust Pipe, they're all different !! help !!

    EH guys, Wasn't sure if I should put this into the wanted section but meh, here goes. So I'm trying to find a pipe like the one in the left side picture, it's a shorter (silencer) with a slightly more angled lead pipe than the D-section mufflers. I'm just wondering if anyone knows this style...
  6. gottagetacheaperhobby

    WTB axle suit FastAce AS02's

    WANTED: front axle to suit fast ace forks CONDITION: not bent, besides that i dont care PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: you tell me what you want for it, i'd rather not pay 60 odd bucks on ebay ;) LOCATION: anywhere if you will post to tas EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: here or pm
  7. jimbo jones

    Replacement CDI and Coil for 125 Atomik

    Im going to replace my CDI and coil and wanted to know hat brand I should buy are the ebay one's any good? 125 cdi racing | eBay
  8. T

    LEI Pit Bikes

    can any one tell me anything about LEI pit bikes? bad? good? i just brought this of ebay, its only for the missus she wont hardly use it, let me know what you think. NEW LEI Motor SM 150cc RED PIT Trail Dirt Bike | eBay
  9. T

    loncin engine replacement

    HI guys my sons mate has blown the g/box in his 125 loncin its allso getting very smokey so i think its time to replace it, id just rering it but since 2nd n 3rd gear's are shot be cheaper n less time consumingto replace it i dont know the brand of the bike only its 125 loncin engined what...
  10. R

    2001 Honda XR70 spark plugs

    Hi All, I'm needing to replace the spark plug on my son's 2001 XR70R. I was sent 3 plugs when I replaced his air filter but I don't think they are compatible with his bike. I can't locate much information on them so I thought I would ask the forum. The plugs are: NGK BPR9ES (has 7788 above the...
  11. xLOCOx

    play in my throttle?? AHAH this title :P

    ok, so my throttle housing is stock...its been bashed on and on..... one of the screws has had its "teeth" as such to fit a phillips head.. RUINED so I cant get into the housing.... :S lets say i twist the throttle... it feels like there is a TONNE of slack... ??? btw i dont have the bike...
  12. S

    Another Atomik Bigfoot Question

    Hi, What 'model' of NGK spark plug will fit into an Atomik Bigfoot? thanks
  13. I

    eBay Buying Guide - how to get bargain

    Hi guys .. nice forums you've got here ! I've been doing my research on this forums to get my bike and I wanted to share my experience on how I buy stuff from eBay , how to get a bargain and also how to get a good warranty services. Research Completed Price To see the completed...