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  1. roostyamates

    what air filter to use?

    hey guys just wondering what air filter would fit a 26mm MOLKT carby on a atomik nitrous yx160?.. as the outer layer of mine has torn in half
  2. roostyamates

    Air filter oil

    not sure if this is the right place to be asking but im sure some one can help.. is it necessary to buy air filter oil to re-oil the filter after washing? i have read people using just vegetable oil.. how safe is this? would 10w40 engine oil be okay ?
  3. Rizzo97

    Surging ? Revs go up and down

    Revs sort just drop off then pick back up and drop off again when I give it more than 3/4 throttle, doseit in gear and nutrle, engines a lifan 125 with a mikuni copie on it.. Plug is black ( again ) replacing fule filter and switch got it running good again but now after running fine, it's...
  4. O

    2006 orion 125cc oil

    Hi I'm just wondering what oil to use and where is the oil filter in my 2006 Orion 125cc
  5. B

    50cc fuel query

    Hi all, I have a cheap small 50cc mini quad. Got round to getting it all sorted, now it starts and cuts out. Bit hit and miss whether it will start or not and if it does it cuts out pretty quick. Spark plug was loose somehow :S so tightened that and still does it. removed fuel line between...
  6. Rizzo97

    Uni filter or pod mushroom"?

    Hi guys, am wondering what air filter would be best for dusty/ muddy riding conditions or just normal conditions on a 125 lifan with a "26" mikuni carb ? I have a mushroom pod filter on ATM and a uni one layin around, the one that's on there is this one Performance Sports Racing AIR Filter 38mm...
  7. Cordogs

    Fifty of the Month: July/August 2014

    Well its time boys and girls! Voting has officially started! Voting will Finish at the end of September or by the time we get our next ten contestants, which ever is first.... SO GET CRACKING!! <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding...
  8. D

    Quick Question

    My mate just bought a brand new Lei 125CC bigfoot, i just finished putting it together and when ever it doesnt start after kicking it over a good 10 times the air filter actually gets wet with this normal??..only new to the scene sorry guys...
  9. my67xr

    my 1982 Suzuki JR50, Rusty restoration

    the other week when i picked up the Jianshe Coyote PY80 it actually come with another bike. i picked up the pair of them for $220 this is the other rusty bike, a 1982 Suzuki JR50. i thought if i fix this one up it would give Cj an opportunity to lean to use a footbrake, and that it'd also be...
  10. mudskipper

    Recurring motovert pain

    As some of you may have spotted my Q'n'A threads regarding never ending dramas with my 160.:microwave: After many hours spent reading, adjusting, changing etc.. I got the bike to run mint. Would start first kick and even start first kick after stalling. Over the weekend I was chugging...
  11. Clinton3

    Oil Filter

    Hey guys, I just put the first 3 hours on the new top end of my YZ250F 2002 only to discover that it had no oil filter installed. Would this have done damage? I've noticed a lot of minis have no oil filter at all. What makes minis different from big bikes when it comes to the need to...