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  1. china911

    wanted exhaust /muffler 32mm suit atomic/ lifan 125

    lm chasing a header and muffler to suit a lifan 125 . good condition . thanks [HTML]
  2. Rizzo97

    Slip on exhaust mod

    Hey guys, I have made a slip on muffler mod by cutting a old muffler in half removing packing and baffle and bolting it on to my original muffler (becausei have read that it can help with acceleration) and to me it dose seem to help get the engine to a high rpm faster. Just wondering if anyone...
  3. spoonta68

    exhaust for 160outlaw choices

    hey peoples ive come to that part of my build were i need a full exhasut from header to muffler i love the yoshimura setus that dhz sell but am unsure if they will fit with my crf70 type dhz outlaw frame my setup is just a gpx yx160 motor and need help in finding out what fits with my frame...
  4. timeeh

    Dent removal

    Need to remove a dent from a stainless exhuast. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. xLOCOx

    spark arrestor ?

    hey there again.... lol any way i need to have a spark arrestor for my pipe to pass regs :( anyway ... is it possible to make one? and what would i need? cheers loco
  6. xLOCOx

    A little q?? on gpx pipes

    hi there just wondering on gpx pipes are they any good? compared to a ****ty set of duelies? its either that or carby dunno? any suggestions/feedback would be sweet cheers
  7. rotn50

    GPX X-Power muffler.

    Got my GPX X-Power muffler from DHZ and the build is quite good, its a damn solid unit and it wont fall apart like most, just hoping I wont have to rejet the carby as the outlet is a lil bit smaller than the lxr muffler im currently running. I know Styv has this muffler and likes it for what it...
  8. Hock

    Pit bike Silencer!

    Hey, Been looking for a silencer for my exhaust as i dont want it to be loud as i Live in sydney, will take it out when i go down to my farm. How does this one look? Do you think it will silence it much and be worth it? pitbike silencer | Motorbike City It says it will not reduce power but...
  9. sam93


    Does anyone know of some good mufflers that I could use on my motard? I got a new muffler today, and I decided I want something different so its getting sold :p This is the muffler I just got: Big Bore Alloy Performance Exhaust System GPX YX 150cc 160cc - DHZ Mini Moto I got that in...