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  1. Devin DeMarco

    new to the 110 world (crf110)

    Hi all! I’ve been in the 50 game for around 15+ years and never got huge into it, but did the simple mods like 88 kit, skid plate, pipe, +2 swinger and some bigger suspension. But seeing everyone with a 110 seems to be (or has been) the new craze. My 50 has been siting for the last 5-8 years...
  2. L

    pit bike 125 problems.

    [SIZE=5]hey, I have a crossfire cf125 pit bike. am having trouble with carby, bike was dying when opening throttle, I cleaned carby (was filthy) pilot jet was blocked. Now bike does not die as bad as before but its still doing it a bit. Also when bike is idleing if i put the choke on it wont...
  3. M

    Any ideas of make and model of this bike?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've recently been given this mini pit bike/dirt bike and have been trying to find out the make and model. Been told it's a DR50 and its Chinese, just want to comfirm it, and to know which parts to but etc. any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. P

    Is this bike worth the buy?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a pitbike. I have narrowed it down to one bike in the end. @http://www.powersportsmax.com/product_info.php/cPath/33/products_id/15132. I don't know much about pit bikes, This is my first bike. So is this bike durable? easy to find parts? Can i find different fairngs...
  5. R

    110cc pit bike headlight problem

    Hello! For start sory for my bad language skills. I have problems with my pit bike eletronics. I wanted to add headlight to my pit bike. So i wired everything up, but something was wrong and i end up with busted batery. From my strator comes out only 2v but from rectifier about 6v. Could any one...
  6. Electrum

    Looking at starting again.

    Hey all, I got rid of my pit bike ages ago and now I am thinking about getting back into it now that I know more about the mechanics and how to run them properly. I'm looking at getting a 140cc Pit Pro for $1099 straight off the website, but I just need some advice, I have $2500 budget (...
  7. N

    Help with Apollo 125cc Pit bike

    Hey yall, new here, but i just got an Apollo 125cc pit bike today brand new from dealership, low balled the guy and got 100 off for it,.. i guess it wasnt cranked in awhile so it was hard to start but the dealer got it started and had a go and it was fairly hard to keep it idling.. so im asking...
  8. J

    Using 2 stroke for pit bike racing?

    Hey guys, I'm a 2 stroke fan looking into pit bike racing at my local track (fort lytton, Brisbane) and wondering if you are allowed to race two strokes? I'm thinking a ktm 65 sx. I only weigh 60kg's so i'm a light dude. My other option is a pitster pro lxr 155 if I go for the 4 stroke. cheers
  9. Biff80

    Opinions Please

    Im needing some feedback. im looking at buying a 50cc possibly a 70cc for my 12yo nephew for xmas, just wanting opinions on what brand/models you would recommend. i want to buy a china bike but so much companies to choose from, Atomik, Pit Pro, TDR, Pitster Pro the list goes on. Im thinking a...
  10. D

    2014 SSR 125

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to this forum and brand new to the Pit Bike world. I recently just picked up a 2014 SSR Pit bike 125cc and I love it. Know that it is china made and not the greatest quality I was curious if anyone knows of cheaper places to purchase new levers, brake and clutch...
  11. L

    After a mini bike or pit bike

    Hey I'm after a new mini bike / pit bike what are the best brands I want to do jumps and maybe race I may have around $2250 also it the Braaap silent any good
  12. H

    Pit pro 125

    Hey guys I'm new here, also just purchased a pit pro 125cc SE (lifan) And the bike has been great hasn't missed a beat just lacking a bit of power all round So I'm planning on putting a 155z motor in it and then modifying that over time Will this make much of an improvement? In other words...
  13. S

    Trailer project

    I am designing and building a trailer that would get towed behind a Pit Bike for my school A-Level design and technology project and it would be very helpful if you would be able to answer a few questions to help me with my research. It will be a small utility trailer that is able to be pulled...
  14. M

    There's no free legal riding trail's/park's without hassles.

    Where in adelaide metro south can we ride free of charge without grandma and grandpa having a whinge to the police? And where in that similar sentence can i ride my pit bike, as its no where as loud as a person doing a burnout, whilst my kids are sleeping, right out the front of my house, or...
  15. my67xr

    L&M Motorsports Fast 50's Pit Bike ride day Murray Bridge SA, Nov 9th

    L & M Motorsport are proud to present a fast 50 / pit bike only ride day at Murray Bridge MX track. open to all Horizontal pit bike engined bikes, maximum wheel size 14" cost- South Coast MX club members $30 Non-members $40 For non ma license holders One day license $25 or Annual rec license...
  16. F

    Petrol Tank Cap Needed!!

    Hi! I'm new to this forum so please go easy on me if I seem stupid :laughing-smiley-002 I've recently taken up the task of restoring a pit bike which had been dumped by its owner. The bike is most likely German after doing some research and goes by the name of Ares BFD125A. I'm having quite a...
  17. D

    Pitpro 160SE, rear shock help please.

    I just took a bike for a test ride for a mate as he is looking at getting into the pit bike scene also and it was a pit pro 160 SE model, i sat on it and the rear suspension felt like i was jumping on a trampoline, does that mean the rear shock is buggered??
  18. rotn50

    Daytona Anima 150f rev limiter and ignition timing settings?

    So I did some reading of the 150f anima engine manual and came to the section where you have the different settings of the ignition timing and rev limiter, To those that are running these motors or those that have some insight or knowledge of this im wondering if you have heard what settings...
  19. MadeInChina

    What bike could this be?

    New to this site. Just picked up a chinese 110cc (108 to be exact) I am not sure what make it is. The trans is manual 4 down. I am also wondering what kind of oil it takes? Does anyone know. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  20. R

    Atomik 160cc nitrous won't go into 3rd and 4th

    Ok, basically bought an 160cc atomik for nothing, because it won't go into 3rd and 4th, pretty sure the guy didnt have much of an idea about it, basicly new he said it was a factory defect?, or did he not do something when building it up. does anyone know if there's any adjustment in the box, or...